How to Easily Add Vitamin D to your Child’s Diet

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When Mia was about 1, the health visitor came to see us on a routine visit and talked to me (very briefly!) about Vitamin D and how to add Vitamin’s to Mia’s diet. Mia was formula fed for the first year as I had problems breastfeeding her at 5 days old and so I was told that as Mia was then drinking normal cow’s milk, she would need Vitamin drops. I don’t remember being given much information at all apart from just handed a bottle of drops to add to her diet and a form to take with me to get more when we ran out.

We decided there and then that Mia didn’t need any supplements as she has always been very healthy and happy as she is and as adults, we don’t take any kind of supplement or tablet for anything unless it’s really bad! She has never had them and so when I was contacted to see if we would like some information about Vitamin’s and being currently pregnant with baby number 2, I was interested in the advice being given almost 4 years later.

So let’s start with Vitamin D and why it is so important to our bodies. Vitamin D is essential to enable us to absorb the calcium from food as our bodies do not produce calcium on its own. Calcium helps the strength of our bones and when Vitamin D levels are low, you absorb less calcium which means our bones don’t get the amount they depend on. It is very difficult to get the recommended amount without taking a supplement for it.

You can get Vitamin D from the sun however the UK, as we well know, doesn’t have strong enough sun rays for your skin to make enough! You can also get lots of vitamins from your diet however Vitamin D is different and is surprisingly difficult to get enough; in fact we only get around 10% from our diet. Vitamin D is the only vitamin supplement that the Department of Health recommends for everyone and their guidelines are really clear for babies and children, as well as adults.

‘Children aged 1-4 years should have a daily 10 microgram Vitamin D supplement and babies who are breastfed and less than 1 year old should have 8.5 to 10 microgram Vitamin D supplements each day. Babies who are formula fed do not need any additional Vitamin D as formula is already fortified.’

Add Vitamin D

This explains why Mia was only given them from a year old as she was formula fed from 5 days old. Fultium Daily D3 Drops are designed to add Vitamin D3 to your child which is naturally produced by the body, it is easily absorbed as it contains a high quality oil unlike dry powder tablets, and the drops are manufactured to the highest standards so you can be confident you can trust them every day.

The drops are ideal for children under 12 years old and they are suitable for vegetarians and better for those who can’t swallow tablets. They are also free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners too. All it takes is 6 quick drops a day and you can be sure your child is getting their recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D. With this baby, I think we will be looking into the Vitamin D drops in a bit more depth as I can see the positives to adding the daily supplement.

Add Vitamin D

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