My Pregnancy Diary Part 2

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Welcome to my 1st Pregnancy Diary Part 2. Here is Part 1 if you missed it!

1st January 2013: 
Well, what a few days it has been! Just got back from London this morning, had such a lovely few days travelling on the tube and doing a bit of sightseeing. I could tell that Mario felt so comfortable being back there again and whilst that makes me happy it also makes nervous! Anyway, we went to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks, which was knackering as we walked miles, but really amazing to be there on New Year’s. On the way home today, we stopped off at the champagne bar in St. Pancras as we normally do and Mario took me into one of the little booths, then he asked me to marry him! I was so shocked but I’m so amazingly happy! The ring is a borrowed one so that I can choose my own with him. Very, very happy! We couldn’t have started this year any better.

4th January:
Today I woke up after a bad night sleep to find that my stomach has grown so much I absolutely cannot do my trousers up! No wonder baby was kicking me all night if there was suddenly more room for them to move around in! Going to order some maternity clothes I think!

9th January:
Work has been hectic the last few days, I’m tired because of being back at work and on the go and then work is just tiring anyway! This evening we went to look at rings and see what kind I wanted. I have a better idea of what I would like so we will talk about it and decide on one very soon. I’m really happy to be choosing one with Mario so we can both have an input in what it looks like. I would like to get him a ring too as I know he wants one.

13th January:
Been very tired this week and realised that I’m doing far too much at the moment! I had to ask work on Friday if it was ok to go in an hour later (it was school mass) so that I could have an extra hour to get ready slowly. Going to have to see how it goes but this weekend I have done hardly anything, just a bit of cleaning and went to see gran. Feels weird to do nothing but it’s difficult to sleep at the moment with the baby kicking, heartburn and generally feeling uncomfortable.

28th January:
Well this morning I woke up in a lot of pain from my back, tummy, side and head. Had a rubbish night’s sleep so rang in sick, very unlike me! By 11am I had to ring the midwife as I was feeling very sick and in a lot of pain, they didn’t get back to me so rang NHS Direct for some help. They said I needed to go to the doctors so I managed to get an emergency appointment and go that evening. The pain had subsided a bit by the afternoon but not before I was actually sick. Mario had to come home from work to look after me. The doctors said I need to rest and that it is to do with my muscles stretching as my tummy grows and generally doing too much. I had a urine sample taken to see if I have a urine infection as well.

31st January:
Feeling a lot better today so I’m going back to work tomorrow. My urine test came back showing a trace of protein so it’s being sent to the hospital to be tested further. Its test after test at the moment and it makes me feel on edge. Getting tired of it now. I got my maternity bands today so my bump feels a lot more comfortable in my clothes and I have started to wear maternity things also so I ’am feeling a bit more able to do things.

1st February:
I went to work today and although I didn’t do a lot due to it being school mass and collective worship, I’m feeling ill again. Had the abdominal pains and backache for over a week now and not sleeping at all so I’m shattered! I rang for my urine test results today and they came back as fine so I don’t think anything is causing the pain in particular. Baby has started to get really low down in my tummy and I read that it’s getting ready to be born now, already! I’m not even ready yet!

4th February:
I went to work today and really struggled with back ache today so much that it’s starting to interfere with my work and teamed with no sleep for 2 weeks, it’s starting to get me down. I rang the doctors for another appointment and ended up with an emergency one this evening as the next appointment is in 10 days! Definitely couldn’t wait that long! The doctor said that the pain should not be constant and so she has asked me to go and get blood tests to see if there’s a problem with my kidneys. She also signed me off work for a week as she says my back and tummy need time to settle down a bit, so bed rest for me!

7th February:
This morning I woke up for the first time in 3 weeks without any pain whatsoever! I also managed to get 5 hours uninterrupted sleep so I definitely feel a lot better! I can’t believe we only have 12 weeks to go but we got a lot of nursery things today so we are more than organised and prepared now.
Current weight: 13st 15lbs

12th February:
Mario is away for the week with work so as well as missing him A LOT, I also had to go to the midwife appointment on my own. In the end we had a good chat about the muscle and back pain I’m having. She said that baby is the right size and in the right position too. I got to listen to baby’s heartbeat and it is very strong and healthy. Getting very near to our due date now!

22nd February:
Today I went to the Physiotherapist to see if they can help with my back pain and muscle pain. They gave me some exercises to do and I have to go back in 2 weeks’ time to see if they help. I feel better that we know what it is now and it makes me not worry as much as I was. I can’t believe we only have 10 weeks to go until we may see baby! I’m starting to get a little bit worried now about giving birth but I know that I can do it and we are also ready now with the nursery all set up and enough clothes bought to last us a week or two.

I have tried not to think about actually giving birth but I know it’s an inevitable part of this process and will have to start thinking about it soon! I know Mario is very anxious at the moment and is struggling with work, interviews, money and other things. I’m trying not to put any more pressure on him or any stress as I’m really worried about him. I’m hoping that it gets sorted out soon but I’m sure that if it isn’t by the time baby arrives, he will feel a lot better then anyway and will have baby to focus on.

12th March:
Today I went to see the Physiotherapist again and she was really helpful. I haven’t had the sharp pain in my side for over a week now and although I still get back ache it’s doesn’t feel anywhere near as bad. She told me to get a gym ball to help with posture and gave me 3 exercises to do while sitting on it so my homework is to sit on the ball for 30minutes a day. Mario ordered me one as soon as I got home so we will see if that helps.

14th March:
Tonight was our first antenatal class about active birth. The midwife is really good and although there are no couples that I will particularly make friends with, the class was informative. It was also nice to hear that other couples have the same hopes and fears as we do!
Baby is very active at the moment which is nice but gives me real hard kicks in the ribs which hurt a bit! Sleeping is also uncomfortable still as my back aches under the heaviness of my tummy!

21st March:
Today Lauren (my sister) came to the midwife with me as Mario is away at a big interview. It was nice that she could come and hear baby’s heartbeat. The midwife said baby is in the right position for birth which is scary and that my blood test came back fine again. Tonight was our second antenatal class so mum came with me as Mario wasn’t back in time. It was nice to get her involved. She was really pleased to be doing something with me. The class was good and I now understand a lot more about labour and the types of pain relief that are available to me. I was able to write a bit more of my birth plan which was.

26th March:
Mario found out today that he got the massive job in Leeds! We are very excited about what this means for us and our little family but also the reality of him being away for 5 days a week is starting to set in. Lots of conversations to be had!

28th March:
Today was my last day at work for a year! It was quite emotional as I don’t think I had thought much about it before this week! The children made me a lovely card and I got some really nice baby presents too. Also the staff gave me a massive bunch of flowers which was lovely; I’m going to miss everyone but will just need to make sure that I stay in touch with them all. Tonight was our third and final antenatal class about feeding and parenting after birth. It was interesting but there is a definite push on breastfeeding as opposed to formula. I ‘am not keen on breastfeeding at all but I will give it a go at first. I signed up for a TENS machine too so I can pick it up in a few weeks’ time and try it out. The classes have been more useful than I thought they would be so I’m pleased.

5th April:
Today I went to the midwife (Mario couldn’t come as he is ridiculously busy at work!) and she said everything is still perfect. Baby was wriggling around so much that we couldn’t really find the heartbeat very easily but when we did, it was very healthy. I can’t believe I only have 2 more appointments left! Its flown by!

10th April:
Tonight mum came over to organise what’s going to happen when baby comes as Mario won’t be here (unless baby comes at the weekend!). It was nice to talk through with someone else our plans and nice that mums going to be able to be around on the day. It was also good to show mum that we have thought and talked about everything and haven’t just made a decision and that’s it so I feel we are as organised as we can be. I understand it’s going to be tricky but we will make it work and I have mum and Lauren around when I need them to be.

12th April:
Hardly slept for the last week, only getting probably a maximum of 3 hours each night, so really struggling. Also I developed a cough the last 2 days so that’s keeping me up to. Mario is being woken up by me as well so he’s shattered and trying to do long days at work at the same time. We don’t really know what to do about it but ride it out.

26th April:
Well after a long time working everything out, Mario finally packed his things and went to work in Leeds during the week. It was very difficult watching him leave and because baby could come any day now it’s been even more difficult.

28th April:
I went out last night for Liam’s birthday in West Bridgeford. I wore my new lace maternity dress and felt really good, even had a dance on the dance floor with Lauren and Amy! Knackered today though. It was strange coming into the house on my own last night but not as bad as I thought it would be. I spoke to Mario on the phone and he is all settled ready to start work tomorrow morning so I ‘am happier he’s ok too.

29th April:

I went to get all the last minute things for baby today so we are completely ready now! Missing Mario a lot but it seems his first day has gone really well and he feels good about it. I have packed my hospital bag completely so I feel absolutely ready. Baby is due in 6 days’ time! It’s all becoming a bit real now. Still feeling really emotional about Mario not being here but I ‘am looking forward to the weekend as it’s a bank holiday too so Mario will be home for an extra day!

30th April:
Well, I have been up since about 5am with a weird feeling in my tummy. I came downstairs to sleep on the sofa and after a sudden urge to really go to the toilet my waters broke in the hallway! Quickly rang mum and Lauren and they are coming to get me to take me to the hospital! Had a quick shower, cleaned up and even put the washing on! Rang Mario and told him not to panic, he’s only been at his new job 2 days! Very excited but feel calm and ready to meet baby.


   Mia Jessica born 1st May 2013, a perfect baby!