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JCB Fun at Diggerland Yorkshire!

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We were so excited when Diggerland got in touch to see if we would like to pay a visit to one of their parks! Of course we said yes as Mia is obsessed with Diggers, Trucks, Bin Lorries, Trains and all those kinds of things so we knew she would have a great day and secretly we wanted to take a look too! I hadn’t heard of it before so I was amazed that there was a park only 90 minutes away from us in Castleford, West Yorkshire, near to where I used to live as a child! With Mario unable to come with us due to work commitments, we asked Auntie Lauren to spend the day with us (I’m not sure she knew what she was getting herself into!!).

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Diggerland is The Ultimate Adventure Theme Park Experience where children and adults alike can ride, drive and operate REAL diggers, dumpers and other full size construction machinery. Aimed at 4-14 year olds and with 4 parks located around the country (Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire) Diggerland is the perfect destination for action, fun and thrill packed family days out. Children are fascinated by large machinery vehicles and so what better way to get the experience than by paying a visit to Diggerland!


Diggerland boasts 18 different rides and drives and we were amazed at what you can actually do with JCB’s! The parks have both indoor and outdoor play areas as well as coin operated rides dotted around (I think it’s great they tell you this before you visit as we could prepare ourselves and have some change ready!). There is a minimum height requirement for 16 of the 18 rides (all clearly described when we went in) of 1 metre and although Mia was a tiny bit smaller, we were assured it is all to do with the ride operators discretion so she would be fine.

I would add that although Mia was deemed tall enough for everything, she is tall for her age and so at 3 she struggled with a few bits, like the mini Landrover’s as she couldn’t work out how to steer and activate the pedal at the same time which meant the staff had to help her, much to my embarrassment! The staff were really good with her and were more than happy to help!

The rides include; Mini Landrovers where Mia got to drive around a track.


Ground Shuttle where you are hoisted up in the air and taken round a dirt track which is one of the most amazing and frightening experiences of my life!


Spindizzy which I would have gone on if Mia was older as she was too little but looked lots of fun as visitors are thrown about in the air.

Sky Shuttle where you are taken up 50ft in the air, the views were amazing but don’t look down!


Skittles, Stack Attack and Dippy ducks where you use a full size Komatsu PC14 and an AVANT 200 Series loader to either knock the skittles down, try to hook 2 ducks or stack 3 tyres on top of each other. One of the most frustrating things I have ever done but I was determined and eventually did it! I wasn’t leaving until I had ‘hooked’ both ducks!


Safari which sadly wasn’t open when we visited, Mia would have loved spotting the animals in the wilderness!

Dig-a-Round which was Mia’s favourite ride! She went on it a few times as she loved being swung around forwards and backwards!


Train which Mia really enjoyed as she thought she was really driving down the track and who doesn’t love spotting dinosaurs?!


Dumper Truck driving which was a bit scary and I lived up to my rubbish parking skills by nearly careering over the side of the wall!


Mini Tractor which was fun and went slowly so we all enjoyed that after the Dumper Truck ‘incident’!


You also get the chance to dig, scoop and move earth in a JCB 8030 tracked mini digger as well as search for buried ‘treasures’ in Komatsu PC14 mini diggers.


If you’re a big kid at heart there are so many amazing things you can have a go on yourself; JCB Robots, Joyride in a Land Rover, and drive a full size JCB which we rode around the track in. So there really is something for everyone! An amazing experience that you wouldn’t get everyday!


The park has various coin operated rides and I took Mia on the indoor go karts (£2) which were really good fun! We were the only ones on the track so it meant I could put my foot down and have a really good drive round!

One of the best things about our visit was that Mia got to meet the Diggerland mascots Duggy and Dotty (she called them the ‘builders’ for some reason!). She gave them a massive hug and then they ended up following us to the Sky Shuttle ride so Mia was very, very happy to sit next to them on a ride! It really did make her day! The great thing about us going last week was that although it was half term as well as the last week they are open until February, it was so quiet that there was little to no queue for anything which is a major ‘thumbs up’ when you have an impatient 3yr old! I’m not sure what the wait times would be like on a normal day as if you’re looking to drive a JCB Robot or Landrover, you may have to wait a long time!


There is an on-site restaurant which we were able to grab some lunch in. It serves both hot and cold food and although we were a bit let down with the cleanliness of the restaurant itself, we did eat there and were happy with the choice available and the prices of things. No park visit would be complete with a nosey in the gift shop and the Diggerland Goodie Store is one of the best, you can buy almost anything JCB branded and Mia loved looking at the various toy digger and dumper trucks available to buy. She also picked up a certificate at the exit which is a winner in any 3 yr olds eyes!

Diggerland was a great day out and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The entrance price could be seen as a little pricey at £19.99 per person (under 90cm’s go free, pre-booking is cheaper!) however everything bar food and a few coin operated rides is included so you can make it as expensive or inexpensive as you want! We would definitely buy an annual pass if we lived closer! Daddy was so jealous and upset he couldn’t come so we have promised to take him when the park reopens and we definitely will be back!

There were a few things I didn’t feel confident taking Mia on so he will be able to do those bits with her which is great. The staff were all really friendly and although it was end of season, were all really helpful and couldn’t do enough for us. Mia absolutely loved her day out and is desperate to go again! She was so excited to tell everyone about all the amazing ‘diggers’ she went on!


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