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An Oasis Outside Your House – The Best of Exterior Landscaping

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Gardens are truly beautiful as well as appealing especially when they have a desert themed landscape. In fact, it is truly satisfying to know that your garden is the envy of all of your neighbours. If you are unsure about where to start in order to get that exterior oasis for desert theme landscapes, then you can find out more by observing what your neighbour’s gardens look like if they have the theme already. Perhaps you have already seen a desert theme somewhere and it caught your eye! Regardless of which, there are some things that you can do in order to have an exterior oasis for a desert theme landscape. Find out more about exterior landscaping …

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Lush Layered Plants

Some people prefer their property looking as though it were in the woods rather than having to look at their neighbour’s property. This is because the outdoorsy theme makes for a feeling of seclusion. Having different shade trees as well as shrubs and creepers all over the ground will make a good textured layer. One good idea is to plant a few short purple ground covers, some medium cycads or bromeliads, and some palm trees. These create a lush layered texture which makes it look as though nature took control rather than having a neat and tended garden.

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Features for Water

Having water features are absolutely crucial to your desert oasis theme. Having a decorative pot or fountain or even an artificial waterfall can help drown out the city noises and can make the atmosphere cooler and more pleasant. Even if your space is limited, you will not regret investing in a waterfall simply due to the tranquility and dramatic touch that it offers.

Stone Accents

While this may seem like a Flintstones kind of theme rather than a desert theme, getting some stone accents are an excellent choice. Incorporating natural stone accents is the ideal choice. Natural stones make the theme look more realistic. If natural stone is unavailable, one option is to sprinkle coarse rock salt on wet concrete. When pressed into the surface, it gives a similar result as incorporating natural stone accents.

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Cheerful Vines

Cheerful Vines give out Cheerful Vibes! In a dominant lush green garden, bougainvillea which is bright pink can bring out colorful bursts! With enough sunshine, Teak benches, passion flower, golden trumpet as well as bougainvillea will give an old-world charm and make your garden look tropical!

Artificial Plants and Trees

If watering and maintaining your garden is an issue, then you can always invest in artificial plants and trees similar to that of artificial lawns. These can-do wonders for your oasis as they do not require a lot of attention and always look fresh. Some artificial foliage even meets the standard fire codes, and these do not need the constant attention and watering. In fact, you can even go on holiday and not have anything happen to them! You would even save money in terms of maintenance.

Go Green

There is no such thing as too much green. Lush greenery can have a calm, soothing effect especially in areas where the sun is scorching hot! Different shades and textures of green can be obtained by mixing leaves and plants. For instance, your exterior oasis will look very interesting if ferns and philodendrons are grown together!

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Tropical Accents

Some excellent foliage includes growing orchids. These are striking and exotic and make the garden look like a tropical oasis almost instantly. These can be grown on the side of trees or even in baskets hung from tree branches. In the midst of the green foliage, orchids will look amazing. Growing a few palm trees will also add to the exterior oasis look.

Natural Habitats

Gardens must always have some wildlife incorporated in the space. You can attract a large number of butterflies simply by planting wildflowers in masses. If you live in a sunny area, then you can attract butterflies as well as hummingbirds simply by planting some yellow bulbine or Mexican purple salvia. These also add some rich color to your oasis.

Textures are Important

On patios and terraces or even on your balconies, trees with spiked leaves like the bromeliads or slow-growing trees like the Florida silver palms become the center of attraction. Sometimes less is more and instead of using heavy ornamentation for containers, keeping it simple can make the difference! Some good options are triangle palms, Aechmea fasciata, tillandsia or even bromeliads. When planted in different sizes these give a dramatic touch to the desert-themed exterior oasis!

Large Leafed Plants

To obtain a tropical look, large-leafed plants give the best touch as they make the oasis look amazing. Some good large leafed species include philodendrons, gunnera and elephant ears. These are especially good for temperate zones. Hostas and ligularia are recommended for smaller places when the plants around the area are not to be dominated.

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Richly Coloured Foliage

In a desert themed exterior oasis, you don’t need flowers for colors. For shade gardens, coloured leaves are effective. Mixing in richly coloured foliage can be achieved by using different leaf shapes of different plants or with a brilliant array of hues. Leaves are good as they do not depend on bloom cycles. Moreover, chartreuse, pink, yellow, red and purple is amazing in bringing color to the garden.

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In conclusion, a desert-themed exterior oasis is an excellent option. These can not only look good but help improve the overall experience of your household area as well. If money is an issue, artificial foliage is the way to go! There are some excellent options available. They do not require high maintenance as they do not need mowing or large amounts of water. If gardening is your hobby then, by all means, look at the artificial as well as the natural options. Natural options can help give pleasant aromas and attract wildlife while artificial plants come in fireproof options as well! Make some smart decisions and good luck with your desert themed exterior oasis!

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