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Hello and Welcome to my weight loss post #5! I’m struggling to keep up with writing these so my aim by the end of this year to pick it up a bit and make sure I get my feature done at least every fortnight!

Anyway on to this week and my Weight Loss Post #5…. well, it’s good news! Regular readers will know that I hit a bit of a wall with weight loss and couldn’t seem to get past it, I needed something to kick start myself again and I seem to have done just that. This week I have broken the 3 months of maintaining and I have lost 1lb! I’m so pleased as I’m dying to get going again and I’m heading towards a full stone loss soon!

I definitely tried harder this week in terms of making sure I stayed on task with my calorie intake, using Fitbit and MyFitnessPal and I was actually healthily under for 3 days this week instead of eating right up to my allowance which is what I normally do! (The ‘I earned it so I will eat it’ motto does bite me in the bum sometimes!!)  I also upped my steps each day to try and get an extra 1000 in before bedtime and although it means me marching around the house at 11pm, that does also seemed to have helped me. So for anyone who was maintaining like me for what seemed like AGES, keep going because you can break it! 🙂



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Blog Post SignatureDiet: Eat Less Move More

Weight Loss this week: 1lb

Total weight loss: 11lbs

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