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How I got on with the 8-Week My Coach School Summer Challenge!

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Now it’s been a while since I did a proper workout. Since having Lottie, I have been a bit hit and miss with when and how I work out! I have been trying to get back into it for the last 6 months and even went to a class where I could literally wear Lottie while keeping fit. When she got too big (and heavy) to carry in a carrier, we stopped going so I have been making an effort to walk more which I really enjoy. However, with Summer fast approaching I was excited to delve into the 8-week My Coach School Summer Challenge!

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My Coach School is an online platform created by Lucy and Ben who are nothing short of fitness fanatics! I have to admit when I saw them, I was a bit intimidated by how physically fit they both are! Anyway, they have created a collection of online workouts complete with a VIP area (that has literally just launched this week!) and progress tracker for you to follow within your own personal dashboard. As well as this, there are challenges throughout the year to take part in.


I was enrolled onto the 8-week summer challenge which consists of a ‘Lean with Lucy’ pdf booklet to download full of nutritional advice, playlists and the workouts themselves. The main aim of the challenge is to follow the workouts and track your progress on the progress tracker and upload your photos. At the end of the challenge you get the chance to win a holiday! Who needs more of an incentive than that?!

Before you get going, you need to pop your details into the dashboard so it can calculate the calories you need to be eating each day to maintain or lose weight based on your height and weight. There is also a Facebook group designated to people on the challenge with you so you can all keep accountable and see each other’s progress. This is really useful when you’re having an ‘off day’!

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Training Plan

There is an in-depth pdf guide to download that gives you all the information you need to get started and where to find more information if you need it. When I first opened up the pdf and looked at the workouts, I have to say I was a little overwhelmed. As someone who hasn’t worked out in a long while and probably only did 2 bits of exercise a week, there was a lot expected from the challenge! However, when I looked at the plan alongside the actual workouts, I realised I could do most of it no problem.

The Training programme can be moved around to suit your life so I moved the rest days around to days I knew I had set things on and wouldn’t have much time to work out and I always took the ‘optional’ 2 rest days each week as extras to recover. This really helped me stay on track.

4 summer challenge workout cards

There are training videos to help get you started and show you the basics of what you need to know. This includes how to perform key exercises, nutritional information, and when the best time to train is which is a great help to get you started. The only thing I would say is that it’s not overly clear which workout is which and for which day. It takes a little digging to find the correct one so it may be useful to have them labelled a bit more clearly or mentioned each day in the Facebook group, so you know you’re following the right workout.

You can download the exercise sheets to read through whenever you want to and look at alongside the videos of each workout. These are really useful to keep track as you are making your way through the workouts. There is no mention of what equipment you need before you need it so again adding this to the workout sheets or the information booklet would be really handy so you can be ready at the right time with the right pieces of equipment. There is even a Spotify playlist if you want to work out to appropriate music, so they literally have thought of everything!


Included in the dashboard are plenty of recipes to go alongside the training plan. These are a great starting point with what you should (and shouldn’t!) be eating whilst taking part. There are some amazing recipes on there and I have tried out a few!

4 summer challenge recipe cards

I really enjoyed the feeling of working out again and I feel like the 8-week My Coach School Summer Challenge has kick-started my love of keeping fit again! I have been walking everywhere I can and even started walking the 1hr round trip to Mia’s school twice a week which is up a bloomin’ massive hill too! The challenge was slightly beyond me as a beginner, but I do feel that if I keep up my current rate of workouts, I would feel more comfortable doing a similar challenge again in the future. I have created a few 15 minute workouts of my own though if you are short on time.

If you already work out and would like to either kick-start your weight loss again or want to take your fitness to the next level, I would highly recommend My Coach School!

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