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6 Ideas To Improve Your Home Workouts

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In 2020 working out at home has become increasingly popular. One of the biggest drawbacks of working out at home is that it can be challenging to motivate yourself. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to improve your home workouts. Try these six simple tips to help you get in the zone.

1 . Fitness Apps

There are many fitness apps that can help you to work out from home. Here are some great options to make a start.

  • Sworkit: The Sworkit app uses algorithms to match you with the right workout, based on your ability and how much time you have. You can also get workout recommendations based on the equipment that you have at home. Sworkit has so many different sessions, including pilates, yoga, HIIT, strength, Tabata, and more. With 800 plus bodyweight sessions and over 400 workouts, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
  • Nike Training Club: The Nike Training Club app has got everything you need to achieve the perfect home workout. Options on the app include body weights, yoga and HIIT. There are plenty of special collections to choose from, including ‘Best of Abs, Arms, and Glutes, ‘Boost Your Mood,’ and ‘For The Whole Family.’ With so many options to choose from it’s easy to get a quick full body workout.
  • Body by Blogilates: The Body app is brought to you by Cassie Ho of the Blogilates channel. These workouts do not require equipment, so it’s simple to practice anywhere you like. With these body-sculpting workouts, you’ll tone up, build muscle, and lose weight in no time. Take the 7 day Ab challenge or the 7-day thigh challenge; there’s plenty here to get you motivated!

2. Work out equipment

To get the best home work out possible it’s well worth treating yourself to some work out equipment. For a few ideas, check out the following:

  • Resistance Bands: These are bands that have a flat or tubular shape. Resistance bands can be used to make your workout easier or harder, depending on how you use them. There are several different types of resistance bands, for example, ‘handled bands, ’which resemble jump ropes. These are often used to support bicep curls or shoulder presses.
  • Kettlebells: Kettlebells are one of the best weights to support your home workouts. Whether you’re practicing squats, arm exercises, or lunges, these weights can help you to turn up the heat!
  • Balance ball: From knee-steps to side squats, you can do plenty of exercises with a balance ball. These can help you to tone up and build core strength over time.

If you don’t have any work out equipment, check out Best Workouts at Home’s tips for working out at home without equipment!

3. YouTube Videos

YouTube has plenty of free content to help you improve your home workouts, whether it’s a dance channel, HIIT training, or yoga, all you need are a few keywords to find something great. There’s so much variety on YouTube, so you’re bound to find a workout to suit your taste and ability. 

5. Create a designated space 

Motivating yourself to workout can be difficult; it helps to create a designated workout space. Firstly, get rid of all the clutter; it’s tough to focus on your fitness when the place is a mess! Next, rearrange your furniture to maximize floor space as much as you can. You should also think about temperature control, purchase fans, or air conditioning if necessary to keep yourself cool.

6. Gym equipment 

To improve your home workouts, it’s a great idea to get yourself some gym equipment. Whether it’s a treadmill, a rowing machine, or an exercise bike, having a machine at home can help you to motivate yourself. The good news is you don’t have to spend lots of money on gym equipment these days. There are plenty of affordable and second-hand options online. Sites such as eBay or Facebook marketplace often have some fantastic deals on second-hand gym equipment. For a guide to the best budget treadmills check out Shapewhizz.

7. Get rid of distractions

It can be challenging to focus on your home workout with so many distractions. The best thing to do is to remove anything that may distract you throughout your session. Turn off your TV, put your phone on silent and ensure that your pet is safe in a different room! When your workout space is distraction-free, you’ll get the best session possible.

8. Work out essentials

Improving your workout means getting the basics right, and that means you’ll need simple workout essentials. From the right sneakers to a quality pair of leggings, ensure that you choose items that support your body and help you to feel comfortable. When you make an effort to ‘dress the part,’ you’ll feel far more motivated to crush your fitness goals!

What ways can you improve your home workouts?


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