What to Do When You Fall In Love Overseas

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Fall In Love Overseas
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Our lives take us all around the world. Jobs, friends, vacations, and family are all great reasons to see the globe in all its wonder. Sometimes, we may even fall in love while on these trips. It is one of the most common stories. Two people meet while travelling and true love blossoms. In a lot of these cases, one partner decides to move to the home country of the other partner, and since true love always reigns, these moves are made easily. In order to make sure your partner’s and your moves are done with ease, here are a few things to keep in mind when falling in love overseas. 

Plan a Visit

If you are the one who is inviting your true love to move to your country, have them visit several times before making the final move. It would be devastating to have them move thousands of miles only to be unhappy. By having them come and visit several times before making the big move, they will get a sense of what it would be like to live in your land and they will be familiar with the way of life, customs, and in some cases language. This is a great way to transition into a move without overwhelming everyone. 


Make sure all the proper paperwork is in order before the move. Every country has different rules and laws when it comes to immigration. Make sure you are up on your knowledge of spouse visas if you feel that is where your relationship is headed and make sure you understand the indefinite leave to remain laws. In some countries, indefinite leave to remain can allow a person to stay without having to jump through too many legal hoops. Having all of this immigration information may not seem very romantic, but when everything is settled, you can concentrate on your love. 

Political Climate

Your new love may be the greatest person to walk into your life, but are they the perfect person to walk into your country? Many different groups in the world clash, and the last thing you want to do is bring your love into a hostile environment. Although you want to be close to your family, maybe it’s best that you both compromise by finding a home in a neutral place close by. This may seem frightening, but if you are going to be in love, then be in love in a place that will embrace your love. 

Give It Time

Love comes on us fast, but in a situation of being from different countries, time will tell if making a major move is worth it. As your relationship develops and you get to know each other, you may discover that another location, or their home country may be a better fit for you both. Rushing to be in the same place may cause  headaches, so by taking some time to get to know each other will make being together easier and more honest.

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