Surviving Week 1 of the Summer Holidays

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So for some reason the summer holidays always creep up on me. I know they are coming, I know I’m going to have Mia at home with me all the time, and I know I should plan things in for her to do but for some reason I never do and I panic on the 1st day about what we are going to do to fill the full 6 weeks! I think what threw this year was the fact that Mia is starting school in September so I was really focused on her finishing Preschool and didn’t really think about anything past her last week there. So this week we haven’t been too busy really.

Mia woke up on Monday morning (1st day of the holidays) saying she had a headache and was a bit sniffly so apart from food shopping we didn’t do anything but by Tuesday afternoon her temperature had shot up and we were really worried as it’s not like her to be ill at all! Luckily it seems to have been a 4 day thing which passed so we had a quiet week but we did manage to go to Sherwood Pines where I knew they had a Gruffalo Spotters Trail.

Summer Holidays

I was really impressed with the trail as it cost nothing and it just required downloading a free app onto my phone. As you follow the trail, you then use the app to animate the Gruffalo characters and Mia loved it! She is desperate to go again with Daddy and we even had a car picnic as it was raining!

Summer Holidays

I had told Mia that I would take her to McDonalds if she was good all week as we have had a few behaviour issues over the last few months so on Friday we took a trip to (a very busy!) McDonalds for lunch which Mia enjoyed but we ended up eating in the car as the car park was rammed and so was the restaurant!

Summer Holidays

Finally on Sunday Mia went to her friend’s birthday party and it was nice to meet up with some of her Preschool friends. She loves having her face painted so she chose to be a fox of all things this time!

Summer Holidays

I haven’t got much planned for the next week of the Summer Holidays so I think we will see how the weather is (if it can make up its mind!) and go from there!


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