Where to Find Gym Gear to Fit Your Body Type

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I have been interested in working out and fitness for a little while. Before having children, I went to the gym a couple of times a week and then started Zumba classes 3 times a week which I loved! I exercised like this until I was 6 months pregnant with Mia and then tiredness got in the way! I’ve dabbled a bit with home workouts over the past 8 years but never anything serious, until I joined the local Nuffield Gym back in January. I am now obsessed, going for an hour’s workout 4-5 times a week while the girls are at Preschool and school.


Going to the gym ‘properly’ has posed a couple of problems for me now though. I’m not the size I used to be and I’m certainly not as fit as I used to be. I’ve had 2 kids; I’m never going to have a washboard stomach and I’m ok with that, but I do want to feel good about my body again. The other problem I have is gym gear. I don’t feel overly confident in my body yet so finding the right gym gear to ‘do the job’ as well as fit nicely has been a bit harder than I had imagined.

I was approached by a women’s sportswear brand called Yvette and asked if I wanted to try out some of their gym gear so I was really interested in what they could offer me for my gym workouts. The Yvette motto is “be active, be daring, be inspired” and aims to help women in different age groups & body types be active. Yvette has great pieces of gym wear and a wide variety of sizes to choose from and they believe in giving confidence with their high-quality pieces, comfortable fabrics and careful sewing, as well as the collections being mix and max-able to suit every personality.

Sports Bra

Let’s start with the Power Back High Impact Sports Bra. Every girl, whatever size chest, knows the importance of a good gym bra. Made with non-removable molded cups, double crisscross straps and a V-shape neckline, this bra is one of the most comfortable gym bras I’ve ever worn and is specifically designed for high impact workouts. It’s super soft but holds everything well, you hardly know it’s there but supports in just the right way. Even running on the treadmill, I never worry about my chest wearing this bra. There are 10 colours to choose from and include sizes S to 5XL+.



The next most important piece of gym gear to get right is your leggings. I chose the Shift Light High Waist Support Leggings as I find high waisted the most comfortable to wear but also, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions whilst working out! The supportive waistband sits at just the right place on my waist and is very comfortable. I wasn’t sure they would fit at first as they looked really small, but they are a perfect fit due to the four-way stretch in the fabric. The sweat wicking fabric is also breathable and keeps you cool during a gym session. They come in 2 colours and sizes XS to XL.



The final piece I was sent was the Anywhere Front Twist Blue Short Sleeve T-Shirt. It offers a round neckline with a nice twist design on the front. The fabric is very soft and light so perfect for going to the gym. The website shows the t-shirt to finish on the model’s waist however in the description it’s a cropped style and this is what I received. I like my t-shirts to be longer so this was a bit disappointing however it’s a lovely top so I will find something to wear underneath. Available in 2 colours and sizes XS to 2XL.


I have really enjoyed trying out some of the Yvette sportswear and have been really impressed not only with the quality of the pieces but also how well they fit and serve the purpose! You can find out your sizing on the Yvette website and it shows you exactly how to measure for the perfect fit. This is what I used, and all 3 pieces fit really nicely. The collection is designed for high impact workouts and with larger breasts and sizes in mind. Site-wise this is displayed in the wide ranges of sizes available. Yvette have also launched recycled leggings made of environmentally friendly and recyclable fabrics so that’s great to hear! I would highly recommend Yvette as your next gym gear and sportswear brand!

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