Rose gold watch with navy blue stap

Why You Should Get an Olivia Burton Watch

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Mario is a huge watch lover and for the last couple of years I have slowly been getting into watches myself. I used to think that wearing a watch was literally just to tell the time and so why would there ever be a need to own more than 1, let alone a nice one! However, since Mario has opened my eyes up to the watch world, I now realise the error of my ways and I love watches!

Rose Gold olivia burton Watch

When I was 21 my mum took me out to by me a watch as a birthday present. I chose a small silver one with a purple face which was lovely and don’t get me wrong, I wore it every day, but it wasn’t very interesting as I didn’t really know what I was looking for!

By the time I was turning 30 I had my eye on a rose gold Micheal Kors and Mario bought me my dream watch for my birthday! I was so excited and I still wear it a lot! It’s rose gold with a big oversized clock face and goes with pretty much every outfit I own. It actually now has a scratch on the clock face as I hit it against a door one day (I can’t be trusted with anything!). But I still wear it!

As my day to day watch for about 4 years, I wore a Fitbit Charge 3 as it tracks everything I need it to on a daily basis. It was also rose gold with a navy-blue strap. For my 32nd birthday, Mario bought me an apple watch as the Fitbit was starting to fail. I of course, chose rose gold with a pink strap!

When our local jewellery shop was having a closing down sale, my sister said they had her favourite watch brand on sale (Olivia Burton) so we nipped in to get her one as a gift. While we were in there, I fell in love with a plain rose gold (yes nothing else!) oversized clock face watch with a navy-blue strap. It is so pretty, and I wear it for nights out and special occasions. I am so pleased with it!

Plain rose gold olivia burton watch face with a navy blue strap

Olivia Burton watches are famous for being pretty and vintage and are renowned for their floral and bee designs, making them instantly recognisable. There is literally a watch for everyone, and every occasion and I already have my eye on my next one! I have definitely found my love for watches!

So, what do you look for in a watch?

Rose gold olivia burton watch with navy blue stap

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