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Our April Choice of Top Baby Product – EasyTots

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It’s always tricky when you are a first time parent, to work out what you actually need, will actually use and won’t just be a waste of money sat in the cupboard and never used.

When we were pregnant with Mia, we read and researched a lot of baby products and we actually did quite well. There are a couple of things we probably could have done with; a stroller and a sling/carrier and a couple of things we probably didn’t need; a buggy umbrella and a door bouncer! Literally never used!

However there were a few products that were invaluable to us so each month, I’m going to highlight a baby item that we couldn’t get enough of in the hope that I can save you the time, effort and cash unnecessarily!

This month is all about the EasyTots products!

If you haven’t seen any EasyTots products, they create weaning bowls, mats, cutlery and bibs aimed to take the hassle (and mess!) out of moving your child onto solids.

Orange mat and grey bowl on top of peppa pig mat. Top Baby Product - EasyTots

We have been trying out the EasyMat Mini and the Marbellous Bowl. The main selling point of both of these products is that they have suction pads on the bottom! This means that they can be secured to your child’s highchair or a normal table quickly and easily without them being able to take it off themselves and throw it on the floor!

Now if your child is anything like mine, they will throw anything and everything on the floor and think its hilarious which is not very funny for you when you have cooked them a whole meal from scratch! Now they can’t do that and it has been a lifesaver for us!

Lottie has learnt that she needs to keep her bowl and mat on the table at mealtimes and this means that after a good few months of using the EasyTots products, she now uses ‘normal’ bowls and plates without throwing them on the floor!

Lottie eating her lunch from an orange Mini EasyMat. Suctioned to a wooden high chair tray. Top Baby Product - EasyTots

I would highly recommend the EasyTot’s products and the fact you can get them to fit all highchairs is a massive bonus! That’s why this April’s Top Baby Product.

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