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I have spent the last 3 months completing workout online with Flex, the online workout platform which enables busy people with busy lives the chance to still be part of a regular workout program. I wrote an intro post right at the start so I thought I would give you an update on how I got on over the last 3 months.

Flex offer a great range of different workouts; from HIIT to Pre/Post Natal, Dance to Cardio, there is something for everyone. Before using this programme, I have enjoyed HIIT workouts and focused on more cardio than anything else so I immediately dived into the dance and cardio elements of Flex.

Workout Online with Flex

Flex are all about making workouts easier to do in your own home whilst being a true workout. We have all tried following a YouTube video knowing it’s not appropriate for us or at the right level however Flex means you can be sure you are doing a workout that’s right for you, at the right level for you, the right duration for you and if it isn’t for whatever reason, you can stop the workout and jump straight into another that is more suitable!

The whole system is designed to be as easy as possible to navigate and search for appropriate workouts. You can see your recommended workouts based on your goals, fitness level and interests or try something completely different if you wish!

All you need to do is login, press play and get going, there’s no messing around, and the workouts are ready when you are! You also get the social element to each workout as you can leave messages and read everyone else’s while you work out so you can get to know people that you work out with regularly.

Workout Online with Flex

After a week of using Flex, I was contacted by Elliot to see if I would like to try out their 1-to-1 program as part of my subscription to get a more personal, tailored program of workouts. (The 1-to-1 is free but places are limited.) The benefit of this is that by inputting a few bits of information about yourself into the system, it then generates workouts to suit you, for you!

The workouts are automatically joined for you to do and ready for you at the scheduled time you have previously chosen. It’s really nice to see workouts pop up on your calendar that you may not have picked for yourself but once you get stuck in, you realise you really like them! You can change your choices if you need to though which is handy if you find you haven’t enjoyed a particular workout.

Workout Online with Flex

The great thing about Flex is just how much they are listening to their users and creating a platform that actually works for them. During the 3 months I had access to the Flex system, I can honestly say every time I logged in there were new improved features on the dashboard or the calendar which is great to see how it is evolving!

There is an update coming which shows the intensity level and if any equipment is needed before you start however the whole dashboard has been upgraded, with a new calendar system where you can see what workouts you have coming up, workouts you have previously done so you can keep a record of what you liked and perhaps didn’t like. You also earn trophies as you complete workouts and can see which trophies you are working towards next.

A big update for Flex is the Tribe and VIP Facebook group. You automatically join a tribe of around 8 people and can use the platform to interact with them; keep yourself motivated by talking about which workouts you are doing, ask questions, or just get advice on new workouts you should try out. The Facebook group is similar where you can post questions, ask advice or just talk about the workouts you are currently completing and enjoying.

I really enjoyed being part of the Flex community and learned a lot about what workouts I actually enjoy doing. I loved the Yoga classes the best and found them really easy to follow and take part in. It’s something I would definitely think about carrying on in the future as the system is very responsive and easy to navigate. I’m taking some time off workouts now for a while but I will be back to workout online with Flex very soon!

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