3 Popular Supplements that can be used to help you Deal with Anxiety

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We all know the feeling that creeps up when we’re faced with stressful scenarios. Some people start juggling objects while others mumble incoherent words rapidly. This disturbing mental state is called anxiety, and it’s quite normal for the most part. However, when you constantly feel anxious even when performing everyday tasks, you might be suffering from an acute anxiety disorder. This disorder develops gradually over time, but we barely notice it until it’s too late and then we can’t deal with anxiety.

If you’ve ever stood on a stage before a multitude of people, you’re probably aware of stage fright. Your run out of breath, your words get mumbled and your palms get sweaty. People suffering from anxiety regularly experience a combination of these symptoms. Canabidol is a unique extract of Cannabis Sativa that helps to relieve anxiety issues. However, there are a myriad of anxiety supplements you could try out.

Deal with Anxiety

Here are 3 popular anxiety supplements that can help you deal with anxiety:


Kava is one of the most popular anxiety supplements around the world. The plant contains active compounds that help to reduce restlessness, anxiety, stress and sleeping disorders. For centuries, residents of the South Pacific region have used the kava root to make medicine and to create ceremonial drinks. After a series of scientific studies, kava was found to not only boost immunity but also to reduce anxiety and promote restfulness. More studies are underway to unearth the potentially cancer-killing properties of this wonder supplement.

On the down side, overconsumption of kava can lead to liver damage. It’s therefore a wise idea to consult a professional before taking any kava supplement. In addition, kava shouldn’t be taken together with alcohol or some forms of medication.


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (or GABA for short) is a chemical neurotransmitter produced by the brain. GABA is used to facilitate the transmission of messages from the brain to the central nervous system and back. It also reduces neuronal excitability within the body, helping to improve mood, treat ADHD symptoms and relieve anxiety. There is scientific evidence that exists, albeit limited, to prove that GABA supplements can help reduce anxiety in stressful situations.

Doctors recommend that you take 500mg of GABA on an empty stomach whenever you feel stressed. Apart from helping you relax and calm your nerves, this supplement helps to boost your immunity immensely.

Valerian Root

You’ve probably heard of the numerous health and mental benefits of the valerian root. This herb has been used for years to manage stress and anxiety as well as to treat insomnia. Research on the valerian root suggests that it might be helpful in lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. Patients suffering from insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns can also use valerian root supplement to improve their quality of sleep.

The valerian root has potent compounds that induce relaxation and sleep. However, it might have mild, short-term side effects such as sluggishness and migraines when taken in very high doses. Preferably consume this supplement in tincture form, three drops every night before going to bed.

So when you are next feeling anxious or stressed, why not give some of these a go and see if they can alleviate some of your symptoms and deal with anxiety.


  • Enhanced Biotics

    Hi Becca,

    Great post, thanks for sharing. I wanted to add my own experiences of Valerian Root and share a cool little story about it that might add to its worthiness as an anxiety supplement.

    Valerian Root was sold during the Blitz on the black market for very high prices because it was so good at calming the anxiety over the bombings. In fact, if you compare the price it was sold for then to the price it would have sold for today it would have been over £1200 per lbs of dried Valerian Root!

    It also smells like cheese!

    These days, we have so many other options for dealing with anxiety, including CBD oil, which we sell at our performance & wellbeing store, but I thought it really interesting to share that little story and just remind people that there is still much magic to be found in the herbals.

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