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I have tried out quite a few fitness trackers over the last year and whilst my favourite has to be the TomTom Spark, I still wear my trusty 3-year-old Fitbit Flex so when I was offered the brand spanking new TomTom Touch fitness tracker, I was really interested to see how it would compare!

The Touch is a daily fitness tracker that’s worn on the wrist. It is able to track your daily steps, sleep time and heart rate throughout the day and once connected to the My Sports app, you can display your results right there on your phone or device. With a built-in heart rate tracker you can measure your heart rate throughout the day, which is a great indicator of fitness and then measure whilst exercising to see how hard you are pushing yourself which is important in case you are pushing your body to hard or not enough!

The Touch is also the first of its kind to include body composition in its daily tacking so its able to track and measure body fat and muscle mass percentage. This means that you can not only track your daily activities but see just what effect they are having on your body over time. This is a really useful tool and helps to ensure you are doing enough to make a difference.


The touch itself is really easy to set up out of the box. Plug into your laptop and download My Sports Connect to get all of the latest system and tracker updates and create your own account to view your stats. There are some great ‘How-To’ videos on the website to show you exactly how to do everything and they are really informative so well worth watching! You can also download the My Sports app onto your phone or device so you can instantly sync your stats wherever you are! In the app you can view your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly stats which are really helpful and also set your own goals that you want to achieve to see the results you want. I found it really easy to sync the tracker with my laptop and iPhone however Mario struggled on Android and found the user experience clunkier and not as smooth as on the iPhone.


Once you are set up, the tracker pops into the strap securely and the great thing about the design is that once it’s on the wrist, it can’t come out by accident as it only pops out backwards so there is no fear of losing it! The tracker itself is simple and easy to access and use. Just tap the button to wake the tracker up and the Touch displays the time and how close you are to your chosen main goal. From the main screen you then swipe down to access your stats and up to measure your body composition, heart rate, or start tracking a specific exercise. The stats measured and stored are; steps, active time, calories burnt, distance walked, and sleep time. It automatically tracks sleep so I don’t even have to remember to do anything when I go to bed and when I get up again.


The sports mode screen allows you to track when you are actually exercising, you just need to swipe down to start it and stop it again once finished your activity. Phone notifications also come through on the Touch so you know when you have received a message without having to get your phone out, the downside of this is that you cannot actually read the notification on the Touch so to me, this seemed a bit unnecessary and I ended up switching it off.

Measuring your body composition is a really handy extra on the Touch and it’s something I have been measuring recently with another device. It is very easy to do on the tracker; scroll to the correct screen, place your finger on the button for 5-10 seconds, and a check mark will display once it’s been logged successfully. You then open up the My Sports app and your results are shown on the screen.

The Touch is water-resistant (although you cannot swim in it!) which is really handy as I can literally wear it all day every day and the battery life is good at 5 days which means you don’t feel like your charging it up all the time or interrupting your daily tracking. There are currently 3 colour straps available (priced at £19.99); Azure Blue, Coral Red, and Indigo Purple. I was sent the coral red which I much prefer to the black strap sent with the tracker as it looks slightly more feminine for me. The Touch is a really nice looking fitness tracker and is a lovely design. Lightweight and slim on the wrist, I honestly forget it’s there and it by no means gets in the way. I have worn it for a month now and not knocked or caught it at all!


I really like the TomTom Touch and as a daily fitness tracker it is a really great piece of kit. The fact you can also measure heart rate through the day and body composition are good extras and really help to keep you on track to meet your goals. I would highly recommend watching the ‘How-To’ videos on the website as they made a couple of things a bit clearer and give you great tips for using the tracker. I love the touch screen and the fact it displays the time is really useful as I always wear a watch and can’t wear both at the same time.

However, there were a few niggles for us; I saw little point in the phone notifications as you need to reach for your phone to read them anyway, I’m not 100% sure of the step accuracy as I have worn my Fitbit Flex on my ankle for 3 years now and it recorded wildly different steps, and at £129.99 it’s a bit pricey compared to other similar fitness trackers on the market. The other thing that Mario noticed is that as a runner, it doesn’t work that you have to tell the Touch when you are exercising and when you have stopped. It was just something else ‘to do’. Saying that, it is still a really great piece of kit, doesn’t quite tick all of the boxes and my favourites trackers are still the TomTom Spark and Fitbit Flex…for now!

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