4 Ways to Make Your Home More Cosy

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Your house is where you spend the most time, and often the difference between a house and a home is how cosy it is. By taking steps to make your home as comfortable and welcoming as possible, you’ll find that you can fully relax there and look forward to going home to cosy up in your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. 

Hang up your Favourite Photos

Along with creating a photo book with your favourite memories, displaying pictures with your friends and family can make your home feel cosier. Try to mix up the style and size of your photos to give your house some variety, as well as the type of photo. Not every picture you display has to be one you perfectly posed for, and using candid images can make your home feel more relaxed and personal. 

You can also shop for frames with a vintage or rustic feel to add some warmth to your home. If you fancy a DIY project, you can even make your own photo frames to give them a personal touch. 

Add a Blanket or Throw

One of the main elements of cosiness is warmth! Having a blanket on your sofa or bed is the perfect way to get comfortable on cold evenings and add a pop of colour to your room. You don’t have to stop at the blanket, and investing in matching, fun decorative pillows will make your living room or bedroom even more inviting. 

Like making your own frames, knitting or crocheting your own blanket can be a project you can undertake to personalise your living room. It’s probably good to have a variety of weights and sizes to choose from, so you can still get cushy under a light throw on warmer days without overheating.

Photo by Ostap Senyuk on Unsplash

Install Warm Lighting

Warm lighting casts a beautiful glow that makes you feel instantly cosier. A significant element of this is purchasing warm light bulbs instead of ones that cast a harsher, white light. Investing in lamps means you can have softer light in the evenings rather than resort to more harsh ceiling lights. Lamps also give you more control over the warmth of your lighting as you can soften the light with a colourful lampshade. 

Dotting your house with candles is also a lovely way to have some soft, warm lighting, a cosy atmosphere, and potentially a pleasant scent! Make sure they’re not near anything flammable, but having several candles lit in a room can help the atmosphere switch from impersonal to relaxing and comfortable. 


Having a safe place to huddle around a fireplace is a sure-fire way to make your home cosier. This is especially true in the winter with the dark evenings, but a roaring fire is welcome at any time of year, especially as it can help warm your house when it’s cold.

If you’re not fond of the idea of an open fireplace, then wood burning stoves may be worth considering for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Whatever you choose, being able to sit and chat around a roaring fire is an automatic way to make your evening warm and cosy.

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