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Smile Your Way to Christmas with Dentists in London

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A smile is a facial expression indicative of satisfaction, happiness, and approval. The festive season is characterised by being merry, so it is expected that there will be lots of smiles. This Christmas smiling is the expression of kindness and love should be visible in everyone’s face without any limitations. For Christians, in celebration of Christmas, we should copy the character of Christ by showing love through smiling and making others do the same.

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Why you should smile this Christmas

Having a smile on your face doesn’t cost much but has lots of benefits. Sometimes it can be difficult to be happy considering the tough times that we go through, but research shows that most over-comers, often smile even in distress and doing so in hardship or agony reduces pain and enhances chances of survival. Smiling has excellent health benefits, and it is recommended that you do it often as even fake smiles will work in improving your heart functions. Endorphins (natural painkillers) get released on smiling therefore alleviating pain.

For the social aspects, a smiley face is more approachable and lovable than the opposite. Sometimes you will miss the opportunity not because you are not qualified but because you constantly frown; usually associated with a negative attitude and morale. Besides, smiling improves creativity and productivity. You have no reason to stop smiling especially during Christmas celebrations.

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Why would we not?

Smiles mainly manifest in the mouth and involve 32 muscles controlling the jaws resulting in showing of the teeth. Some conditions can hinder one from smiling, stopping the benefits associated with smiling. Such conditions might be congenital or acquired and most of which can be well managed depending on one’s health-seeking behaviour. Notable limiting factors to smiling includes; halitosis; bad breath, and this can be attributed to hygiene issues as well as health factors.

The other hindrance to smiling occurs in dental malformations, either misalignment of teeth or decays.  As such, one’s confidence to freely express their smile will be halted, and many will try not to show it.  If not managed well in good time, self-esteem is affected, and such individuals are less productive, turning into introverts who avoid social interactions.

I have previously written about teeth whitening but sometimes this doesn’t go far enough!

Regain your confidence today and smile proudly

A smile is the greatest gift that one can have, and giving a smile is often inexpensive. Simple acts of kindness during this Christmas should result in smiles from both parties, and dental problems as well as life problems should never be a limitation to your capacity to smile. Dentist London recognises the value of oral health in facilitating smiles and ultimately improving health. In providing dental care; safety, comfort and customer satisfaction should be a priority since some procedures if not performed correctly may result in fatal conditions, for instance, oral cancer.

Following appropriate patient-centred care, smiling this festive season will tremendously transform your health and make you a better person in totality. Share the joy by helping the needy.

Neon 'Say Cheese' Lights

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