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How to Effectively Monitor Your Baby

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All parents are heroes. They try their best every day to make their child happy. But let’s face it. It’s not an easy task and it can get pretty difficult. From time to time, every mum or dad needs a hand. I was searching for a baby monitor app and I came across Annie Baby Monitor app. Reliable and budget-friendly baby monitor. 

What is Annie Baby Monitor App? 

Annie Baby Monitor is a mobile app to help you look after your sleeping baby. Simple and user-friendly app that everyone can handle, even your grandparents. All you need is at least two devices (e.g. smartphone + tablet) and an internet connection. And you are ready to roll! 

Why do parents love it? 

Because it’s simply amazing! A budget-friendly solution that will allow you to enjoy your free time without worrying about your little angel. Millions of people around the world trust the app so there is no reason not to try it yourself. 

Effectively Monitor Your Baby

How does it work? 

Annie Baby Monitor app is a mobile app. You don’t need to buy any other special equipment/gear. Use devices you already own (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, watch). You can easily download the app from App Store or Google Play to your smartphone and register and log in. Do the same on your other device (download and log in). Pair both devices and start monitoring. Easy-peasy. 

Is there a free trial?

Sure, a free trial is available for every new user. Try the app and then decide if you want to buy a subscription (weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime). No pressure. 

Do you need to purchase anything else apart from the app subscription? 

No, you don’t. Use the ‘old’ devices you have at home. No need to buy a new expensive hardware camera. The app is all you need (and an internet connection). The app has unlimited reach on WiFi, E, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G, up to 4k video and crystal clear audio.

Effectively Monitor Your Baby

What are the main features? 

You can talk over Annie to your baby, when it’s needed. If you are a great singer, do not worry. Lullabies and white noise is available within the app. Just play them to soothe your little angel.

Thanks to the audio activity chart, you will be always updated about the current situation. 

The app also has other great features, such as a monitoring timer, smart-mute, and night vision. 

You will get smart notifications even when the session is disconnected or in case of a low battery or power disconnect. HOMEKIT & ONVIF Cameras are supported.

High-security connection is a priority no one can live without. 

The app has multi-platform support which means that you can easily pair iOS and Android devices.

A reliable baby monitor is a must-have and a great help for every parent. You can use it at home, when travelling or visiting your family. The choice is yours. You can suddenly enjoy your „free time“ when baby sleeps without worries. Have a romantic dinner with your partner, go shopping or have a long bath. Annie Baby Monitor app cares about the safety of children, so you do not need to check on them all the time, when the noise or movement is detected, you are immediately notified. You can do all sorts of things when monitoring your child. The possibilities are endless. 

Many parents use Annie when going on vacation because there is no need to pack an unnecessary hardware camera when you have the app on the smartphone. Saving space in the luggage is one of the app‘s perks.

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