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A little while ago I decided to start taking my blogging more seriously and Mario designed me a lovely new site to go alongside what I wanted to do. I have been blogging since September 2014 however my posting was few and far between and I certainly didn’t use social media in the way that I should be doing. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I realised that by putting in just a small amount of effort would actually make a huge difference to what I was doing.

Since then I have been a lot more consistent with my writing, working with bigger and bigger brands and spending a small amount of money on blogging schedulers to help me save time in the long run. I have seen my blog grow and my followers increase heavily however there is a lot more I can do and at the moment I am in the between stage of just about to give birth again and wanting to take the next step with the blog.

Mummydaddymia Blog

So how did mummydaddymia come about in the first place?

I have always wanted to start writing a blog but just hadn’t got round to it as I worked full time as a Teaching Assistant for 5 years and that took up a lot of my spare time too. It wasn’t until Mario and I had a decision to make regarding our future in terms of my career or having children that Mia was born in 2013. When she came along I found myself constantly googling everything to do with babies and parenting in general and I soon realised it would be nice to have someone to actually talk to about things I wanted to know.

I decided to give blogging a go (after some persuasion from Mario!) and quickly found an amazing community of parenting bloggers all helping each other out and giving each other advice along the way! I also realised that there must be other first time parents out there who felt the same and I could help them with things they weren’t sure about or just be there as someone to talk to.

3 years on and I now write about all things parenting related as well as getting the opportunity to do lots of reviews which we really enjoy! I also have a keen interest in fitness so you can find information and reviews on anything fitness and health related too!

So that’s a bit about us and how our blog came about, I think it’s nice to hear about the person behind the blog and if you want to find out even more, feel free to leave me a comment or get in touch over on our social media!

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