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5 of the Best Teacher Gifts That Don’t Cost the Earth!

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It’s getting to that time of year again where parents all over the country are looking for the best teacher gifts to give their children’s nursery, preschool, school or after schoolteachers. I’m rubbish at remembering until the last minute so often have to nip to the local supermarket for some boxes of chocolates to give along with a little thank you card. I was a teaching assistant before I had Mia and we used to get so many gifts it was embarrassing! Obviously getting wine and chocolates is amazing but I used to love the personalised drawings, plaques and notes that a lot of thought had gone into.

Teachers’ gifts are tricky as you want to make sure you get something the teachers will appreciate but at the same time, you may have a few teachers to buy for and as is the case for me with Lottie’s preschool, there are 7 teachers! I want to get something a bit more than a box of chocolates so if like me, you want to up your teacher gift game, I have put together a little guide of the best teacher gifts to buy this year!

Personalised notebook

I love this idea as who doesn’t love a notebook? Teachers need notebooks for all kinds of things throughout the day so having their very own personalised one is bound to make them smile! I found this teacher’s notebook, so Mia’s teacher is going to get one of these this year. The rainbow design is so pretty too!

Milk bottle full of sweets

I did this for Mia’s preschool teachers when she was there years ago now and is something I’m going to do again. The milk bottles can be picked up cheaply on Amazon along with some ribbons to decorate. They don’t take many sweets to fill so I just bought a few bags from the supermarket and filled them up to the top. Then labelled them with every teacher’s names!

Teacher Gifts - milk bottle filled with chocolates

Personalised tote bag

Another personalised item that’s really useful for teachers is a tote bag. I found this teachers tote bag and loved the fact it can be personalised. Again, the rainbow theme is pretty and can be used for all sorts of things!

Afternoon tea gift voucher

Maybe you think your child’s teacher deserves a proper treat especially after the year we have all had! An afternoon tea voucher maybe the perfect way to show your appreciation is to send them off for a lovey afternoon out that they can share with someone they love. There are so many small businesses that you can support doing this too!

Personalised card

Lastly, a nice card can be the perfect way to say thank you for all the hard work your child’s teacher has done over the last year. I love these cards by a Zippy Doodle Designs. She’s got some beautiful designs and you can personalise the teacher’s cards too!

For even more teacher gift ideas, head over to The Good Thing is Though! I hope you have got some ideas from these as to what you could buy or make your child’s teacher at the end of this term! It can be a bit of a minefield but there are ways to make them smile without breaking the bank!

Are you buying or making your teacher gifts this year?


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