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Summer Ready with Ellisons and St Tropez Tanning

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We all like to take care of our skin and we all like to look good. Now I have barely used self-tan myself and my reasons are quite simple; I have such pale skin that I’m so worried about how obvious the tan will look and how obvious any mistakes I make will be!

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The other reason is that from being around 15, my mum taught me how to do my make-up and would always make sure it was blended well. This has stayed with me ever since and due to this, I don’t tend to wear a lot of make-up. A self-tan on myself is not something I ever got round to perfecting.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to be a little browner. Aside from 3 spray tans (which I loved!) before holidays in my early-twenties, I haven’t tried tanning myself since very much at all!

When Mia was born we were hoping that she would have lovely Italian Mediterranean skin like her Daddy but unfortunately she has been plagued with matching skin to me! Lottie is a little better and seems to be more of Mario’s colour! So how can we go about getting ready for Summer?

Self Tan

Ellisons have been in the hair and beauty industry as wholesalers since 1930 and today they are the UK’s leading next day supplier of hair and beauty products brands and treatments. They also offer student kits and expert training with the leading brands and their products.

Streak-free Tanning

Whether your business is small or large, they can supply anything from CND Shellac to Wella, L’OrĂ©al to St Tropez so you can ensure you are using the latest brands! I have been aware of St Tropez being a leading brand in self-tan for a long while now Their key features include; no self-tan smell, a streak-free easy application, quick drying lotion and an ultra-hydrating formula. Now the professionals can get wholesale St Tropez from Ellisons so you can’t go wrong!

Getting Ready for Summer

Preparation Ebook

Ellisons have teamed up with St Tropez to create an ebook – Ready Steady Glow in which you can find some great tips and advice on getting ready for Summer, finding the right tan for an upcoming event, nailing your pre-holiday glow, and staying safe in the sun.


The majority of self-tanning products need to be applied at least a day before your event so 24 hours before tanning, you should exfoliate your body and then exfoliate again just before application.

Once you apply the product all over your body (it is recommended to use a specially designed tanning mitt for this), you need to moisturise your skin thoroughly. Also remember to wear sun lotion on top if you’re tanning ready for a holiday. Keep your skin moisturised so your skin doesn’t dry out and the tan fade.

Getting Ready for Summer

So now you know where you can find some great advice about getting ready for Summer or just for a big event you are attending soon. I definitely need to pluck up the courage to try self-tan out myself. I know I would like it and I do really dislike how pale I am in the Summer months. Hopefully when the sun does make an appearance and it starts to warm up, I will give self-tanning a go!

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