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A Great Day Out at Floralands Farm Park

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We are always looking for new places to take the girls and recently came across a local farm park that we decided to go and try out. One of the main difficulties in taking the kids out in the school holidays is how much everything costs. Now that Lottie is 3, we have had to start paying full price for her so a family day out can now cost almost £100! Times that by the weeks off in the holidays and it will cost a fortune. I wrote recently about how I organise the summer holidays and most of the things we do are free or really low cost. Floralands Farm Park is one of the low-cost options. For more ways of keeping days out costs low, Tackling Our Debt have some great ideas!

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Set in Floralands Garden Centre and Café, the farm itself is small but with plenty to do and see. There are all the usual animals you would hope to find in a farm, and it’s all really well laid out. Before you even get to the farm, there are some beautiful peacocks in their enclosure to look at! As you go in, you start with the smaller animals such as chickens, chinchilla’s and rabbits and then move onto the goats, pigs and llamas. The enclosures are lovely and big, and you can buy food for the animals on the way in which my 2 love!

As you walk through the farm, there are plenty of animals to see and feed. The girls love feeding the goats the most! I even more recently took Lottie, and she wouldn’t feed them on her own, so she definitely feels braver with her big sister around! There is the opportunity to do some animal handling which we haven’t done yet but once the restrictions are lifted, we will be booking ourselves onto that as Mia loves handling the guinea pigs and bunnies!

Donkey and the kids
Brown Donkey

There is a lovely big play area and sand pit for the kids to play on with plenty of picnic tables if you bring your own lunch. The play area is suitable for the really little ones and older ones too so both of my girls were entertained in there! Lottie loves the little cars on the track as she can whizz around and one of them even plays music!

Lottie sat on a play area

Everywhere is clean and obviously well maintained. At the moment there are plenty of hand washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers around the farm and play area which is great to see. The farm is definitely not somewhere you could spend a whole day but for a couple of hours, it’s perfect! We have been a few times now and one of the best things about it for me is the price. It’s only £4 per person and you can spend as long as you want there!

Girls stood by the pig sty
Wooly sheep

As well as the farm, there are also the garden centre and café areas. I took Lottie to the café recently and it was really lovely! They do hot meals, sandwiches, and lots of cakes! All handmade. I had a scone with jam and clotted cream and Lottie had the children’s lunch box and I thought it was all really good value!

Lottie eating a yoghurt

If you’re looking for a lovely, cheap morning or afternoon out and your local to Mapperley, Nottingham, Floralands Farm Park is a great choice and if after all of that you need a break, check out Best Spa Days who have a list of the top spa’s in Nottingham!

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