Create your own DC Super Heroes out of Origami!

Wonder Women

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As someone who has never even tried Origami before but has always has been interested in it, when I was given the opportunity to review the new DC Super Heroes Origami book, I was really excited to get stuck in! The author, John Montroll, is an American Origami master and is well-respected in his field. The book contains the Randlett-Yoshizawa style Origami and the idea is that you can create almost anything by folding a single sheet of squared paper using certain folding techniques.

On first flick through the book, it was really apparent that I had underestimated just how tricky this was actually going to be and was way too old for Mia (the book is suitable for aged 8-12 years). I was hoping that she would be able to watch me and help a bit, enjoying the end product with me however, she liked looking through the book itself as it has some great pictures in it and she recognised some of the Super Heroes. I decided it was definitely more of a book for ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’!

If like me you enjoy control and following routines and instructions to the letter, this book is right up your street! I don’t know too much about Origami itself other than the basic idea so I decided the best way to tackle the 45 pages of varying difficulty was by reading the books instructions right from the start. On reflection, I think I scared myself into thinking I just wouldn’t be able to do it and really I should have just got stuck in!

Origami Book

The book is great in that it is split into superhero sections so you can easily find your favourites, its then split into difficulty levels from simple (1 star) through to complex (3 stars). I thought by the looks of it, I was better off starting with one of the simple models. I had hoped there would be a few more simple models to try but there are only 3 in the whole book, I think for a true beginner there needs to be a few more at this level as it was quite limiting as to what I could try out at first. Some of the Superheroes featured include; Superman, Batman and their famous accessories such as the Batarang and Wonder Woman’s Tiara.

The pictures are really clear and the instructions allow you to follow step-by-step from start to finish. There are also instructions for each of the folds used within the book and what all of the lines and arrows mean, which is good to have a look at before attempting yourself so you can familiarise yourself with what you need to do.

Superman Logo
Superman Logo

At the back of the book, there are 96 pages of bright, colourful squares of paper. It is easy to find which square of paper matches the model you want to create, as they are already designed and perforated so they can be taken out of the book easily. On each page there is an arrow to show you which way up the paper needs to be at the start and also which is the back and which is the front. Really helpful when your paper looks the same from every angle at first glance!

DC Super Heroes Tower made up

As you can see, my efforts weren’t great but for a pure beginner I didn’t think it was too bad! It took me about 20 minutes to really get into it and I found the instructions nice and clear to follow. There was a bit of confusion over one of the folds at first but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it. Mario decided that as he is extremely competitive, he was too good for the simple models and headed straight for a complex one. Surprisingly (or not!) he found it impossible and ended up giving up! Not wanting to be defeated I had a go but I too got well and truly stuck. I think we need far more practice before we try the more difficult pieces!

Wonder Women

All in all, I loved this book. It is right up my street in terms of following instructions and creating something unique and interesting. It is a great introduction to this amazing art form. The pages are bright and colourful and the DC Super Heroes element is great! If you have an interest in Origami this is the book for you and if you’re a complete beginner like me, it’s a great book to start with. Currently retailing at Curious Fox for £14.99 I think it is more than worth it! I will definitely be practicing my Origami skills and I’m hoping to try the more complex models soon, I’m definitely not finished with this book!

DC Super Heroes Origami Book by John Montroll


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