Some Things to Do with Kids Stuff You Can’t Bear to Part With

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As parents, we’re all too familiar with the daunting task of amassing a vast array of items our little ones have outgrown or no longer need. Whilst decluttering and donating are essential, it’s only natural to feel sentimental about specific possessions, even if you don’t really have the room for them.

The good news is, below, we’ll delve into a variety of ways to cherish and repurpose children’s belongings that you simply can’t bear to let go.

Hire a storage unit

The most obvious solution to this particular issue is to get in touch with a local self storage company. Choose a business that has recently had a self storage contractor in to revamp the space, and you can be certain that your kids’ stuff will be kept safer from everything front the elements to intruders, so you can hold on to it for as long as you like.

Create a memory box

An excellent way to preserve sentimental items is by assembling a memory box. Simply find a suitably sized cardboard box, or you can buy something fancier if you would prefer, and fill it with cherished items like baby clothes, first toys, or special artwork. That way, it will all be neatly stored away in one place, but you can look back on it whenever you like.

Turn baby clothes into quilts

If you possess numerous sentimental baby clothes, consider sewing them into a quilt that you can keep forever on your couch or bed, to remind you of those special times when your kids were young. You could even hang it on the wall as a nice alternative to a painting.

Assemble a time capsule

Time capsules wonderfully preserve memories for future enjoyment. Crete one with your child, including sentimental items, and then bury it in your garden or store it safely. That way, you won’t feel sad that the stuff has gone, and you and your kids will have so much fun digging it up when they’re older and ready to head off to college.

Create a family heirloom

For items with sentimental value to the whole family, consider creating a family heirloom, such as a quilt, family tree, or a book recounting your family’s journey. These kinds of things are so special to pass down.

Write a story about them

Write a story or create a picture book featuring your child’s favourite toys or items as characters. This way, you can keep the memory of the things alive, while also making it easier to donate them, and encourage our child’s imagination and love for reading at the same time. 

Make a DIY mobile

Craft a charming mobile using small, lightweight toys or trinkets that hold sentimental value. Hang it in your child’s room a playroom, or even your own bedroom as a whimsical reminder of their early years.

While decluttering and donating are essential, it’s also natural to feel attached to certain items. By following these suggestions, you can discover new ways to treasure and repurpose those belongings, fostering lasting memories for you and your family.

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