Baby Annabell Autumn/Winter Collection Launch 2016

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We were recently lucky enough to be invited to the Baby Annabell Autumn/Winter Collection launch event and as parents of a 3-year-old girl, it really couldn’t have come at a better time for us. I have never been invited to an event before as a blogger so I was really excited (and so was Mia!) about heading over to the launch at Smyth’s Toy Store in Nottingham! As well as this being our first time at a blogger event, it was also our first time at a Smyth’s Toy Store and we were amazed when pulled into the car park and saw how big the store is! Situated in a small retail park just outside Nottingham city centre, Smyth’s is now a massive rival to our current favourite store, Toys ‘R’ Us!

baby annabell

We got there just as the event was starting and as everyone was finishing setting up, we were able to chat to some of the staff about the new Baby Annabell range itself. Zapf Creation is probably one of the most popular brands of children’s toys in this part of the market and Baby Annabell is the UK’s No1 large doll brand. Everyone I talk to has heard of, had, or bought a Baby Annabell doll at some point or another. The event itself was all about the new Autumn/Winter collection and they had a fun day of events planned around the products themselves. Mia was straight in and took full advantage of being one of the first there, in fact she was the first to have her face painted (she chose to be a tiger!) and absolutely loved it. There was a cute little area to get hands on with the new range itself which was great as it’s not very often you get to try out children’s toys before you buy them!


baby annabel

So onto the new range! We were really impressed with the new dolls and accessories and it’s amazing what they can do now compared to when I was little! Here are some of the new range that has just launched:

  • Baby Annabell Doll (£49.99) Not only does she sleep, drink, cry and suck her bottle; she now wees on the potty! Shes a lovely looking doll and more life like than I have seen a doll in a while. Mia loved her and made it clear she had chosen this one as her gift!
  • Baby Annabell Brother (£49.99) does everything Baby Annabell does and ‘boy’ dolls are becoming increasingly popular so its great to see Zapf Creation embracing this!
  • Baby Annabell Learns to Walk (£49.99) She crawls on the floor and walks along while holding your hands. Really impressive as, again, she looks really life like and her movements are just like a real babies!
  • Baby Annabell Wake Me Up Sheep – not only a cuddly toy but acts as an alarm clock too! The sheep is one of my favourite things, we wouldn’t use the alarm clock function just yet but she’s a lovely cuddly toy.
  • Baby Annabell Bedroom (£64.99) opens up to create a lovely bedroom scene with a bed, mobile, mirror, wardrobe, and compartments for accessories. I really like the fact it can all be closed up for easy storage and tidiness at the end of the day.
spring collection

At the event there was also a storytelling session where a lovely lady came and told us a great story about a girl called Annabell and a grumpy old man called Mr BigBottom (which all of the children thought was hilarious!). Mia really got involved in the story and was quite happy to sit and listen to the whole thing! She also got the opportunity to make a dolls rattle or a crown and of course she chose the rattle, seduced by the pink beads and feathers! She’s very proud of it! There was also colouring and cupcakes available so Mia was more than entertained for the time we were there. We ended up staying for nearly 2 hours as Mia was having so much fun! She really enjoyed checking out the new range and as she’s not long started wanting to play with dolls, I think she found the choice overwhelming as we wanted to get her something and she just couldn’t choose anything! We had a great morning at the Baby Annabell Autumn/Winter Collection launch and we were really happy to attend the event. Mia had a lovely time and didn’t want to leave! I love the collection and I think they make great additions to any child’s toy collection!



mia as a tiger!

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 Disclaimer: We have been sent a Baby Annabell new range doll in exchange for attending the event however all views and opinions are honest and our own

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