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Behind the Scenes at beccafarrelly HQ!

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I always find it helpful to see what goes on behind the scenes in other family’s or business’; how they manage their time, how they get work done, and how they juggle family life so I thought I would let you in on a bit of what we do on an ‘average’ day.

It has taken quite a while to get into a routine since having Lottie 15 months ago. We had a really good routine going before she arrived, and I was getting a lot of work done during school hours, so it was a bit of a shock to the system when Lottie arrived, and everything had to change again!

At the moment we have Mia at school 8:50am – 3:30pm and Lottie is at home with me napping at 12:30pm for around 90 minutes. So, each day starts about 7am when I get up, get the girls up and start breakfast. Then we all get ready and I do a quick clean of the toilets. We leave the house for the school run at about 8:25am. Once Mia is at school, me and Lottie come home just after 9am.

Lottie is quite happy to play as soon as we get in, so this is the time I usually do the cleaning, put the washing in and sort the breakfast pots out. I have been following Team TOMM for the past couple of months and it has seriously changed my cleaning life! Basically, you clean a different area of the house for 30 minutes a day and that’s it! So, Monday for example, is living room day and Thursday is kitchen day. Each Friday is a different focus area for a deeper tidy/clean. I recommend it massively! Once I have done this, I usually play with Lottie for around an hour.

At 11:30am Lottie has her lunch ready for her nap around 12:30pm so I usually eat with her as it’s quicker and easier.

Once Lottie is napping, I have around 90 minutes to work which involves first getting daily blog jobs done, then writing a blog post or promoting a previously published post, and finally (if I have time!) getting any other extra blog jobs done.

Once Lottie is up around 2pm we have about an hour before we need to pick Mia up from school, so we tend to spend this time playing and Lottie has a snack. It takes around an hour to do the school run round trip in the afternoons so at 4:30pm I cook dinner for both girls so they are eating by 5pm.

If it’s bath night, we tend to do this around 6pm ready for Lottie to be fed at 7pm and then it’s bedtime for both girls! Mia gets settled down if she’s not already asleep at 9pm and then we aim to be in bed ourselves by 10:30pm. If Mario is away, I tend to work again in the evenings while watching telly as its nice and quiet but if he’s home, we watch tv together which is nice to spend time on our own!

Then it all starts again the next day!

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