Box of AlcoSense Excel Home Breathalyser

Our AlcoSense Excel Home Breathalyser 2 Years On!

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Depending on how long you have been a reader of mine, you will have seen that a couple of years ago we were sent an AlcoSense Excel home breathalyser kit. At the time of being sent it, it was just before Christmas and the breathalyser was a really useful tool to make sure that the day after an evening out or a few drinks at home, we were still ok to drive.

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You would be surprised how many people just presume that they are absolutely fine to drive their cars and their families, after a night of drinking! It’s not always the case that all of the alcohol has left your system and you may find yourself easily caught out!

Now we are in no way big drinkers (a gin and lemonade for me on a Friday and Saturday evening is about it!) but very often when we have had a drink, we are going somewhere early the following morning. Mario’s job involves a lot of travel at the moment and he needs to be sure he is in top form for travelling up and down the motorway most days.

AlcoSense was launched in 2007 after 2 years of research and development into home breathalysers. Since its launch these breathalyser devices have stopped over 50% of its customers from unintentionally drink driving the morning after, most likely saving lives in the process!

Since we reviewed the AlcoSense Breathalyser, I’m really pleased to say that it is one of the few products that we have genuinely continued to use after reviewing! Mario actually keeps it in his car at all times and very often sanity checks himself to make sure he is ok to drive. Mario is always joking about wanting to be stopped by the Police just so he can prove he has breathalysed himself as the AlcoSense Breathalyser has the exact same sensor as the ones used by the Police!

Box of AlcoSense Excel Home Breathalyser

The AlcoSense Breathalyser is very easy to use. Just pop a mouthpiece tube into the breathalyser machine, switch it on and blow into the tube. All of the instructions are displayed for you so you can’t get it wrong! After a short time, the screen will display a traffic light system indicating if you are safe to drive and how much alcohol (if any!) is in your system. You can then make a better-informed decision about your driving. At just under £100 it is well worth buying! The range has expanded in the last 2 years and now the prices range from just £40!

Home Breathalyser with replacement tubes pack

The AlcoSense Breathylser needs re-calibrating every year to make sure that it is working effectively and accurately, and you can send yours to AlcoSense via FREEPOST to be re-calibrated when it needs it. The device reminds you when it’s time too! It’s really simple and you get email updates at every stage, so you know where your breathalyser is and when to expect it back. This service costs £25 and again is well worth doing to make sure you are getting the most accurate readings that you can.

We wouldn’t be without it now!

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