The Body Confidence Program Final Results

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Those of you following me on my weight-loss journey/personal challenge will know that I have just completed my 8 weeks following the Body Confidence Program. I have written an intro and midway update and now I will be letting you know exactly how I got on over the 8 weeks!

The Body Confidence Program is an 8 week program designed by Ru-Tee Block, a health and wellness expert, in order to show you how you can feel more body confident within the 8 weeks, without an emphasis on exercise and focusing on the things you actually eat. The program promises an overall body reduction of 16 inches which equates to 2 jeans sizes and there is no focus on weighing yourself on the scales as such. The idea is to follow a set of rules and meal plans in order to complete the course and change your eating habits for life!

The rules themselves are quite simple to follow however take some practice and implementing to actually take them in properly. My one tip would be to take each rule at a time and work slowly on another one each week as otherwise I found myself overwhelmed with remembering them all! I found rules like ‘no alcohol unless it’s a cheat day’ easy to follow as I’m not a big drinker, however I struggled more with ‘chewing each mouthful 35 times’ as it’s not as natural! There is also a ‘cheat day’ allowed each week which helped to keep my focus across the rest of the week and ensure I wasn’t tempted by things everyday as I could wait until Friday to have treats. I found that by week 4-5, I was eating ‘on plan’ even on cheat days and having a nice dinner at the end of the day as extra.

The member’s area of the Program is really well designed with clear categories and information. The mini-videos show you exactly what you need to do to access your meal planner, add the meals in, get the recipes, and even print a full shopping list which I did every week and it saved me no end of time! Your measurements are taken and submitted to the site each week on a Friday so you can see how you are progressing and I was amazed as the weeks went by, to see just how far I was going without realising it!

The main thing I liked about the Program is the fact that Ru-Tee is so encouraging in her weekly conference calls, that you just feel like you want to please her and do the best you can for her! The Program offers daily emails which help to keep you on track each day and focus you on a specific part of the Program a step at a time. There is also an amazingly supportive Facebook group just for people following the plan and I found this really useful to dip in and out of and catch up with how everyone else is doing!

Another great thing is that you are totally in control, even though you are following a set meal plan, you can have any of the meal choices on any day, in any order you like and I really enjoyed eating new food combinations. The meals included; bacon, egg, tomato’s and blueberries (my personal favourite breakfast!), pork chops, chicken, tuna, and many more! So you can ensure you are eating real food with real recipes! The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the smoothies but that’s because I don’t like the consistency of them anyway! The only little niggle I had with the recipes is that there are no images and most people who love cooking (like me!) like to see what the end result should look like but that is really minor!

Body Confidence

I have found that even though I have finished the Program almost 2 weeks ago now, I’m still implementing the rules as best I can into my everyday life! I’m still going to bed around 10:30 (it was midnight before the Program!) which has great benefits for the rest of my day, I try to eat my last meal at 7:30 every night (as long as Mia goes to bed on time!) and we are still eating some of the main meals from the Program at least 4 nights a week!

The Body Confidence Program became more than just about reduction around week 6. It became far more about my confidence in myself and how I feel about my body. This definitely changed and I could see the benefits the foods I was eating, was having straight away. Saying this, I did reduce by a healthy 17 inches over the 8 weeks and although I was initially disappointed compared to others results, I realised I had learnt so much about myself and my lifestyle, that actually the reduction almost didn’t matter!

I really enjoyed following the Body Confidence Program and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling un-confident in themselves and their body and looking for a way of feeling better and creating a lifestyle change as well as a dietary change!

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