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Ok, let’s get it out there….I LOVE fitness trackers! I have had a slight obsession with them since I ‘borrowed’ Mario’s Fitbit over 2 years ago and I have been recording my daily movements, sleep and eating habits ever since! Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to work with some great brands to review wearable tech and have been able to test out the Moov Now and the TomTom Spark + Cardio. So here is a quick comparison of the fitness trackers I have really enjoyed using and the reasons why I like them so much!

Wearable Tech Review

First up is the tracker I have loved for 2 years….the Fitbit Flex. This little tracker has not left my wrist or ankle since I first set eyes on it on Mario’s wrist and then became the proud owner of it not long after! Initially I was interested in my sleep patterns as I was struggling to sleep and had a slight breathing issue overnight. The Flex records when you are asleep and when you are awake so you can see how long you have slept and how well rested you have been. I wear the Flex on my ankle during the day as I found it to be more accurate when pushing a buggy but I have since relaxed slightly on the accuracy thing as no fitness tracker is going to be spot on and my focus has shifted more towards working out and toning up than how many steps I do.

I pair my Flex with the ‘MyFitnessPal’ iPhone app which I use to keep my daily food diary and then the Fitbit iPhone app (once set up with my information) calculates how many calories I can consume in a day, how many calories I have burnt by exercising, and how many calories I have left (or not!). I find that it all syncs really well and all of the information is there for me ready on the app itself whenever I need it. All in all Fitbit is a great brand and my Flex is a firm favourite.


Next up is the Moov Now. I was given the opportunity to review this tracker when it was one of the newest of its kind around which was really exciting! The unique features of the Moov Now include the fitness tracker being waterproof for swimming, it actually analyses and coaches your form as you work out, talks to you as you work out, as well as being able to wear the tracker on your ankle or your wrist. It’s a simple design but made from a really comfortable, light material that’s just thin enough to not feel like I’m wearing it at all! The tracker is really thin and sits nicely on the wrist or the ankle. I found the Moov app and tracker linked really quickly and easily with no issues whatsoever and the fact it has a long-lasting battery inside that doesn’t need charging up on a regular basis, is great as you don’t need to worry about charging it at all.

On the main page of the Moov app, you can pick from a selection of workouts; running and walking, cycling, swimming, and at home and there is a good choice available. As time goes on I’m sure there will be even more updates released. Throughout the workout, you are encouraged and trained so a few times I was told to pick the pace back up when I slowed a little. I personally found this great; as it felt like I had someone watching me making sure I was doing the exercises correctly. I really enjoyed testing the Moov Now fitness tracker out and put it through its paces. For me, although I will use it every time I work out without a doubt, the app needs more ‘at home’ workouts and I miss the step tracker element. If the Moov Now had a step tracker, I would have replaced my Fitbit immediately so that is a slight let down for me.

Fitness tracker

Finally, The TomTom Spark Cardio + Music + Bluetooth Headphones, which has been by far one of my favourite EVER products to review! It’s safe to say, I LOVE it! The Spark Cardio + Music is the most advanced fitness tracker that TomTom currently have and boasts a massive selection of features. The actual Spark’s face is big and bold, which means I can glance down to see the time and date with ease and the data it collects is nice and bold with a backlight that comes on when you cover the face with your palm, meaning you can see it even when you are in the dark. The Spark is also waterproof to 40m so is great for tracking your swimming workouts too! For the average person, like me, the Spark tracks your daily and weekly activity. If you press the pad to the left, your daily/weekly steps can be accessed as well as how many calories you have burnt, distance, and active minutes. As well as this it’s constantly recording your heart rate and then tapping up from the steps screen you can view how much sleep you had overnight. This is all you need day-to-day.

Once you’re exercising, the Spark really comes into its own as it has 8 multi-sport modes. Before you start you can set whether you are going for a run, cycle, swim, using a treadmill, at the gym, doing indoor exercise, or freestyling. You can then set yourself workout goals at this point and whether you are listening to music and what you would like displayed as you work out. Once your goals are set, using the 5 different heart rate zones, you can get live stats showing whether you need to ‘push it’ or ‘shift down a gear’ to reach them. Then there are the Bluetooth headphones! They come with 35 minutes of preloaded Ministry of Sound tracks just waiting for your workout. The Spark also holds over 500 songs of your own so you can just use your desktop to transfer playlists from iTunes to it and they are stored ready for you! The headphones really are good, you don’t have to worry about trailing cables or remembering your iPhone, even trouble connecting is eliminated as they connected via Bluetooth really quickly. The sound quality is great and they are really comfortable in your ears. You can choose whether to play your songs in order or shuffle them as well as control the volume on the actual headphones themselves so it saves fiddling around with the Spark when you are working out. You can track your calorie intake using MyFitnessPal however it doesn’t work out your daily calorie deficit compared to your intake which I like doing. This tracker does everything I need it to and if it was slightly ‘prettier’ I would wear it every single moment of the day!

TomTom Spark

Another thing to add is that if you’re looking for a fitness tracker specifically for children, head over to my smartwatch post for more info!

I have had great fun reviewing these trackers and they have been a great addition to my daily routine and workouts. My long-standing love of Fitbit means that I still wear my Flex every day and use it to track everything, the Moov Now just didn’t do enough for me in terms of recorded data, however I was so impressed with the TomTom Spark + Cardio that I have replaced some Fitbit tracking with it, without a doubt! If you are in the market for a fitness tracker, make sure you take a look at the TomTom as it really is amazing!


  • Joanne Mallon

    So interesting to see all these compared! Like you I am a FitBit fan, but they keep falling apart on me – I’m on to my third one in two years. So I am always looking around for alternatives that will hopefully last longer. #FitnessTuesday

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