The Body Confidence Program Introduction

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Most of you will know that at the moment I’m focusing on health and fitness. Over the last few months I have tried out plenty of diet plans to keep me going for a lifetime and the main thing I have learnt is that they are more than likely a short-term fix. For someone like me that enjoys cooking, eating and everything that goes with it, I’m looking for something a little more long-term as well as easily being able to fit it around my daily life without too much fuss. I put myself forward to try out the Body Confidence 8 Week Programme and I’m now in my 3rd week. I thought I would give you a quick program intro and how I’m getting on so far.

The Body Confidence Program is an 8 week programme designed and established by Ru-tee Block, an ex-Adidas model and health and wellness expert and focuses not on weight-loss as such but changing your current lifestyle in order to create a lifelong, healthier lifestyle. The program promises a 16 inch (2 jeans sizes) reduction in just 8 weeks and has a 100% success rate! By following a set of rules and meal plans and incorporating them into your lifestyle, Ru-tee promises a 16 inch reduction and a complete change for life!

The first thing I love is the member’s area of the website. It is really clear and concise containing all of the information (without being overwhelming!) that you need to start the program. As each week goes by, more content becomes available to access so you aren’t swamped with lots of information to take in. There are handy videos at every step to show you what to do which is really nice. The first things you need are week 1’s recipes and meal planner and your measurements/starting photographs. You upload your measurements to the website each week to track your progress and the spreadsheet works out your reduction as the weeks go by so you can see it there in black and white which is really helpful. As the program is not about weight-loss, your focus is shifted away from recording your weight. Each week you dial into a conference call with Ru-tee and the other people on the program so you can get feedback on your week and hear about how everyone else is doing. There is also a closed Facebook group to upload your meal photos, discuss any issues you have and also pick up great tips from those further on through the program than yourself which I’m really enjoying being part of and have a ‘nosey’ in the group at least once a day!

The meal planner is great, very clear, you just click to add all meals or selected meals to your planner and you can even generate a full shopping list for you to head out to the shops to buy. So handy when you’re a busy parent like me! I’m finding the online meal planner really easy to use, I can input how many people I’m cooking for and it’s automatically worked out in front of me, what ingredients I need.

So on to the program intro ‘rules’! They may seem complicated or tricky to follow however I found that over the 1st week, I tried to implement as many as I could and then the rest either followed or I made a conscious effort to follow. I have them saved as an image on my phone so I can see them whenever I need to. They include; to follow the food plan 100%, eat protein first where possible, and also to chew your food 35 times.

In the first week I reduced by 4 inches and the 2nd week 2 inches so I’m well on track to lose the 16 inches promised at the start of the program. I’m finding most of the rules easy to keep to apart from struggling with going to bed earlier and some of my meal percentages aren’t quite right yet but this will come in time and at almost 3 weeks in, I’m really confident I can reduce by at least 16 inches and change my outlook on food for the better and more importantly, the long-term! I hope you enjoyed my quick program intro and I will be updating you all on my continued progress in the coming 5 weeks!

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