The Body Confidence Program Update

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Hi everyone!

 Just a quick update on how I’m getting on half way through the 8 week Body Confidence Program I’m currently following!

I have consistently reduced by 2 inches from my whole body each week which is amazing as the Body Confidence Program doesn’t look at weight or focus on ‘losing’ weight and its seems to be working really well for me as I’m not constantly chasing the number on the scales all the time! This week has been even better and I have reduced by 3 inches bringing my half way total to 10 inches which is amazing! (I felt a bit deflated last week as some of the others following the program have reduced by 3 times that but I have since realised that we are all different and some have to reduce by more than me so it’s all relative!)

Last week was a difficult week emotionally however I was still able to focus on the Program and didn’t feel like I was letting myself down at all. If I have a bad day, I brush it off and start again the next day, nothing is lost. My idea of a bad day now is to have had a bit of chocolate or a Jaffa cake or something so nothing that bad at all!

I’m feeling so much more confident in my appearance and the fact I fit into my size 14 bottoms and dresses really nicely with a bit of room is really driving my focus forward for the next 4 weeks. The program has become straight forward to follow and although I struggled at first with some of the rules, I feel I have a much better grasp of them this week and have even managed to get to bed around 10:30-11pm which is a major improvement and is helping keep me going with the early mornings, now Mia is back at Preschool! I’m no longer staying up past midnight every night working and then getting up at 7 with Mia feeling like I haven’t even been asleep! My mind-set has changed a lot in the last 4 weeks and I’m hoping it now continues for the rest of the Program.

I have 3 more weeks to go so catch up with me at the end of the program to see how I have got on!


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