EM Fitness 12 Week Weight Loss Plan Results

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So I have finally got round to updating you on the EM Fitness Plan I completed a couple of months ago now!

So, a quick recap…. Emily is a personal trainer who has worked tirelessly to develop a weight loss plan that boasts in 12 weeks, you can eat normal foods and enjoy things you like alongside working out and lose weight. Basically you follow Emily’s daily meal plans and exercise videos for 12 weeks and the idea is to train your mind and your body into realising we don’t need the fatty, high calorie foods that we think we do! This is how I got on at the start.

Overall I found the plan easy to follow and stick to. I loved the variety of the meals which at first I was worried about as the portions looked so small compared to before (one of my main issues!) however it only took about 2 weeks of the 12 for my body to get used to the portion sizes and I rarely felt hungry. I actually felt like I was eating more than before the plan as my meals were smaller but there was more of them! The meals are easy to prepare and cook although I consider myself a good cook so I don’t know how someone with limited knowledge would get on. I really liked the variation of the meals as it didn’t feel like I was having the same thing all the time.

Em Fitness
EM Fitness
EM Fitness
EM Fitness
EM Fitness

The workouts were really easy to follow although at first I struggled to keep up even though I thought I was relatively fit! How wrong was i?! They are well explained and you are taken through each exercise before so you can see what you need to do which is really useful. As the weeks went by I could feel myself being able to follow them easier and keep up with them which meant I felt like I had more energy and more confident I could do them.

The great thing is that I feel more confident in myself and that has been a major turning point for me. I’m feeling better in my clothes and I have visibly changed body shape. As for my weight I lost a healthy 12lbs which is a good steady lb a week so I’m really pleased!

If you fancy having a go at the 12 week EM Fitness weight loss plan you can find it here!



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