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Brighter Whiter Teeth with the Beverly Hills Formula

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I’m a sucker for beauty products at the moment and have been doing a lot of research into my skincare routines however I haven’t really paid much attention to my teeth since I had braces in my teens. I had my braces taken off after a hellish 3 years with them as I was so fed up with them, but it’s meant that I have a slight crossover of my front teeth now which I would love to get rectified! I have never had really bad teeth and although they aren’t bright white, they are still white, if just a little dull! I would love to have brighter whiter teeth, but I’m scared to have them properly done in case they looked awful and didn’t suit me! It would be so hard to hide my teeth if it went wrong! I was contacted by Beverly Hills Formula to see if I would like to try some of their products and to be honest, I haven’t ever tried them before, but I have looked at their teeth whitening kits so was really looking forward to giving them a go!

Advanced 2 in 1 Whitening Kit plus Touch Up Pen (£25)

Teeth whitening kit box

First up is the Teeth Whitening Strips Kit which has 28 strips (14 upper and 14 lower) which you just pop onto your teeth for up to an hour and then peel off. Rinse off any residue that’s left behind. I really like these as they are so easy to use, and I just popped them on each night while watching telly. The only negative for me is that there’s quite a lot of residue leftover on your teeth that needed far more of a brushing off as opposed to a quick rinse! It doesn’t taste great either so the first time I did it, I felt a bit sick! I did get used to it though, so this wasn’t a problem after a few days!

In the box there’s also a whitening pen which is really useful for quick touch ups on the go. I haven’t needed to use this yet but it’s definitely staying in my handbag!

Perfect White Black Mouthwash (£4.99)

Brighter Whiter Teeth - Black Mouthwash

Next up is my personal favourite, the mouthwash with activated charcoal. I have been using this every morning after brushing my teeth and it so nice! Once you get over the fact its black, the mouthwash isn’t really strong or overpowering in taste or smell which is perfect for me! You just shake to activate the charcoal and then pour into the cap. Rinse around your mouth for 30 seconds and spit out. It helps to eliminate bad breath and removes surface and deep stains too. My teeth feel really fresh, clean and more importantly, are looking brighter!

Perfect White Optic Blue and Extreme White Amethyst Toothpaste (£5.99)

Brighter Whiter Teeth - blue toothpaste
Brighter Whiter Teeth - purple toothpaste

I tend to always buy the same toothpaste to be honest, so it was time to step out of my comfort zone! I have enjoyed using both of these toothpastes. I don’t really have a favourite, but I love the smell and colour of the Extreme White Amethyst one! It removes stains and prevents plaque build-up. It also has an innovative ingredient which reduces bacteria!

The Optic Blue has a really nice subtle taste which I love as I’m not a huge fan of very minty toothpastes! This one contains blue filter technology so brightens teeth immediately. It forms a layer over the teeth to reflect the light so looks great from 1st use!

All in all, I’m really happy with these Beverly Hills Formula products! My favourite for whitening has to be the full teeth whitening strips kit as you get a really subtle but definitely whiter effect! This is closely followed by the black mouthwash as this is a great addition to my daily oral routine!

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