One For All Bluetooth Music Receiver

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So many of us now listen to music on our smart phones or devices but struggle to get the quality playback that we need. The sound comes through the speakers in a scratchy, low quality way. The alternative is to purchase an expensive, bulky new sound system that has Bluetooth however we like our current sound system and definitely don’t have the room for another one so when we were offered the chance to test out the One For All Music Receiver, we were really excited!

The One For All Music Receiver is a little box that transforms your current sounds system into a high quality, music player! By connecting to your current sound system and connecting your device to the music receiver via Bluetooth, you can play your music through your current sound system speakers and not lose any of the quality of sound. There is no need to plug your device in anywhere, just enable Bluetooth on it and away you go! The Bluetooth connection is really quickly and easy even the first time. Then all you do is select the songs you want to play from your device and control the volume too. You can connect up to 3 separate devices which makes it easy to switch between them when needed.

Music Receiver
music receiver

The music receiver itself is a sleek, modern looking box which looks really nice next to our sound system. It’s really small so you barely notice it’s there and fits nicely on top of the speakers. The fact that you don’t need to be tethered to your wall or sound system is a major advantage as it means I can listen to my music anywhere in the kitchen while reading a recipe, browsing the internet, or working on my laptop without worrying about the cables not reaching or interrupting my music. The music receiver also connects up to 30 feet from your device so I can nip upstairs and still play my music downstairs!

Music Receiver

We have found the One For All Music Receiver genuinely really useful and we have used it every single day! We love the design of the box and the sound quality is amazingly good! For £49.99 there is no need to buy an expensive Bluetooth sound system, our current one now does just fine!

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