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Easy Daily Skincare Routine for Busy Mums

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The mornings can be really hard work, can’t they? If like me, it’s up to you to get yourself up and dressed, the kids up and dressed, all have breakfast and leave the house on time for the school run, you know how tricky it can be! I’m guilty of just jumping in the shower and not really doing any kind of skin care routine at all. I have always used a moisturiser on my skin but that is pretty much it. When I had finished the makeup course I did recently, I fell in love with applying my make up again and with that, wanted to kick start my daily skincare routine!

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Having a nice base for your make up is so important but now I’m 33, I want the best skin I can possibly have when I’m older! My parents and grandparents have really good skin, so I know it’s in my genes, but I also need to make the effort! In the mornings, I probably have about 20 minutes max to shower and get ready, so my skincare routine needs to be quick too!

In the shower, I just use water to wash my face, nothing else. But once a week, I use a Neutrogena Face Scrub that I have literally been using since I was about 15 years old! It’s a face mask too and one of the best I have ever used (not that I get time for face masks these days!)

The first thing I do when I get out of the shower is dot a small amount of Boots No7 Early Defence Eye Cream under my eyes. This is something I have done since I turned 30 and No7 is one of my favourite brands. My mum always buys me No7 products for Xmas to keep me topped up!

Eye Cream

The next thing I do is apply the Simple Light Moisturiser to my whole face and neck (avoiding my eyes!). I always choose a moisturiser with an SPF and also make sure I specifically use a DAY moisturiser as they are lighter and creamier for the daytime. (a night moisturiser tends to be thicker and heavier for overnight). I love the brand Simple as my skin can be quite sensitive and I can be sure these won’t affect my skin at all.

If you have dry skin At Home With Alice has a great step-by-step routine to help!


Lastly, if I’m wearing make-up, I apply the Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer with SPF 30 which helps to even out my skin ready for my foundation. Again, I choose a primer with SPF as my skin is so light and sensitive, I like to protect it as much as possible! If I’m not wearing make-up that day, I put on a small amount of tinted moisturiser as it just adds a little glow to my very pale skin!

Rimmel Primer

That is pretty much it! It takes me around 15 minutes to have a shower, get dressed and do my skincare routine. The girls are usually still having breakfast by the time I have finished! The Life We Built has written a great post about how to strip back your own skincare routine so make sure you have a read!

If you struggle to get organised in the mornings, I have written a post about my daily school run routine and you can also get my FREE cleaning schedule if you’re struggling to fit everything into your daily life at the moment!

What does your morning skincare routine look like?


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