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    4 Relationship Traditions That You Shouldn’t Care About

    Source – CC0 License As a society, we’ve been trained to view relationships in a very specific and linear way. There are certain things or traditions that we’ve come to accept as the norm. When these traditions aren’t present in a relationship, you start to feel like something is wrong or perhaps you need to follow the traditions. Some traditions are great, but there are plenty that you should straight up ignore.  Below, you’ll find a few of the biggest relationship traditions you should stop worrying about: Getting married It was mentioned in the introduction, but there’s definitely an idea of linear relationships. What this means is that you traditionally…

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    Beautiful Wooden Children’s Toys by Jaques of London

    We have always loved wooden children’s toys and in fact when we were pregnant with Mia, we said that we would try to buy wooden toys for her as opposed to plastic as wooden toys tend to last a lot longer! We did buy a lot of wooden toys over the first year or so but slowly plastic started to creep in. We had been looking for some outdoor toys for the girls to give them to play with over the coming half term (weather dependant!) when Jaques of London got in touch to see if we would like to see their wooden toys. Jaques of London are the oldest…

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    We are getting personal for Father’s Day with Snapfish!

    I have previously mentioned my hatred of buying gifts for men! The men in my life (and that isn’t many!) don’t have hobbies, interests or likes that I can add to or buy things for and this leads to the usual boring presents of chocolates and maybe a meal out somewhere nice with family. Snapfish (formerly Truprint) have a campaign just to solve this problem and its aptly named #SwapSocksForSelfies which I think is fab. They say ‘that while socks are snug and useful, it won’t be long until one will disappear forever into a sock abyss’ and their campaign is all about swapping the usual sock gifts for a…

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    Lifestyle Choices for Stay-at-home Parents

    Stay-at-home parenting is a tough gig, you have the kids to look after all day and the house to run. It’s no wonder some stay-at-home parents wish they were back at their much easier full-time job. But just because your working hard at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on wholesome lifestyle changes.  Non-Alcoholic Drinks  Whether you are working at home or raising a family at home you need to have little rituals to separate parts of the day, one of those might be a drink in the evening when you clock off or put the kids to bed for the night.  The trouble is that alcohol carries…

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    Father’s Day Gift Guide

    If you’re anything like me, you will struggle with what to get your dad/grandad for Father’s Day and birthdays. I struggle every year as they don’t particular ask for anything, don’t need anything and also don’t ‘collect’ anything that I could add to a collection of! So with Father’s Day 2017 fast approaching, I have put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide which includes some of the best products and gifts we have had the chance to try out over the last year, perfect for all of those tricky-to-buy-for dads! 1. Gymcube Online Workout Subscription – A great way to get fitter by working out in the comfort of their…

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    A Few of the Best Family Days Out in London

    If you’re looking for ideas for how to spend your time this summer, it’s a good idea to take a look at what London has to offer. Most people can’t or won’t want to travel out of the country, so making the most of what we have around is something that’s going to be key. Luckily that’s no problem at all because there are so many great family-friendly days out in London and the UK’s other cities that you can make the most of. Find out about some of the best family days out in London below and start putting your plans in place. Natural History Museum If you’re looking…

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    Pregnancy Freebies You Need and Where to Find Them

    Have you ever wondered how to get those pregnancy freebies that everyone seems to have? First of all there are the various Bounty packs given to you at the different stages of pregnancy. I found these really useful as they contain a good amount of information and also plenty of free samples of things like stretch mark cream and moisturisers for mums to be. Each pack has a voucher to collect the next one and you get your last one after baby arrives. Then if you ‘like’ a company such as cow and gate on Facebook and/or sign up to their website, you get information packs sent through the post…

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    5 Tips to Make Household Budgeting Simpler When You Have No Time!

    Let’s face it, life is hard anyway without worrying about your household bills and how you’re going to budget for a child’s new pair of school shoes! I have been writing a monthly household budget for me and my family for the past few years and over that time, I have learnt a lot about household budgeting as a family as well as what we really spend our money on each month! Don’t get me wrong, these next few tips take a bit of time to set up but it’s absolutely worth it! It’s taken me a couple of years to get this organised properly so don’t worry if it…

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    Signs You Should Replace Your Mattress

    A mattress can be an expensive purchase. However, there could be many cases where a new mattress is a worthy investment. Below are just a few signs that you should replace your mattress.  It’s keeping you awake at night The sole purpose of a mattress is to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re spending the whole night tossing and turning because you can’t get comfortable, then you need a better mattress. It’s possible that your mattress may be old, in which case it could be sagging or could have lumps from damage that are making it uncomfortable. A newer mattress could solve these problems. Alternatively, your mattress may simply…

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    5 Practical Spring Fashion Trends for Busy Mums

    As a mum we usually come quite far down the list of priorities when it comes to the family. I know I’m always the one to eat last, would rather the girls have everything they need, and certainly don’t spend much money on myself! However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to or need to look good! Now that Lottie is older, I have started paying a bit more attention to how I look and what I wear. I have come up with some key Spring fashion trends to help mums, just like me! I enjoy clothes shopping (but only online!) and have bought a few new outfits in…

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    Send a Little Wellbeing Wish with a Wellbox

    We all know it’s been a hard year for everyone, with a lot of uncertainty and a lot of extra pressure on work and personal life. There isn’t a lot we can do about that other than ride it out and hope it ends soon. But we can do something right now for someone else, to make them feel special and thought about no matter how bad things feel. Mental health has never been so important to take care of as it is now, but it can be hard to know how to approach other people about this cant it? The guys over at Wellbox have the perfect way to…