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  • Putting-the-headphones-on

    EasySMX Children’s Headphones

    Mia seems to have sensitive ears and has done ever since she was born. She struggles with loud noises and busy places which can result in behaviour issues and Mia becoming quite ‘difficult’ when out and about. We bought her ear…

  • Women swinging hair around

    Be Your Own Inspiration

    Flipping through magazines or social media pages, do you look at the page and think that, if only things were different, that could be you? If only you were a little bit skinnier, a little more tanned, better fashion sense, and…

  • Piggy Bank

    How to Prepare Your Child For University

    According to The Guardian, 311,000 teenagers in the United Kingdom had already applied for university placement in February 2021. According to the news hub, previous school-leavers in their late teens have decided to further their education. Indeed, you need to prepare…

  • Parents

    Looking After Mum

    There is no denying the last 16 months have been like no other. The world has experienced something you normally only see in films and it is fair to say it has taken its toll, on everyone. Every member of society…