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How to Combat Hay Fever Before it Takes Hold

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I have previously written about my struggles with hay fever and the problems that this causes me on a day to day basis. When the nice weather arrives (or even beforehand!), I have to take antihistamine tablets and use a steroid nasal spray. So I’m always looking for ways to combat Hay Fever so I can enjoy the sunny weather when we get it!

The other issues caused by my hay fever are problems with breathing whilst asleep in bed and generally having sinus-type problems. I have had numerous tests done over at the hospital to do with my sleep issues. Whilst nothing major can be done unless the symptoms dramatically worsen, I do have to use a steroid nasal spray and an anti-snoring pillow just to take the edge off! For the last 2 years this has worked really well for me so at the moment I feel my symptoms are managed far better than they used to be!

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The Independent Pharmacy aims to provide consumers with high quality, online healthcare services. They provide a safe and effective service which is readily accessible and efficient for patients to use no matter what their problem is.


They cover a lot of different medical issues and complaints and hay fever is one of the medical issues that The Independent Pharmacy can help individuals with. Symptoms of hay fever can include; sneezing, itchy eyes and a blocked or runny nose. These are caused by an allergy to pollen and fungal spores typically around in the summer months which is why the symptoms worsen during this time.

Combat Hay Fever

The treatment styles varies massively for each individual but normally involves using some type of nasal spray twice a day, using eye drops when needed and taking some form of antihistamine tablet each day.

I currently take 10mg Loratadine each day and use a steroid nasal spray (Nasonex) twice a day. All of these can be found at The Independent Pharmacy and can help you combat Hay Fever.

When I have spent a few hours in the garden or even out in the park, I usually have to use eye drops as my eyes get extremely itchy and sore! This can really have an effect on how I enjoy being outside and has ended many fun evenings in the garden enjoying a glass of wine!

Combating Hay Fever

Hay fever is something I will always have I imagine and something that I will always manage myself. It doesn’t worry me too much other than I hope Mia doesn’t end up with the same sinus problems and subsequent hay fever that I developed as I got older! Luckily Mario doesn’t suffer from hay fever so fingers crossed she takes after him!

You can head over to The Independent Pharmacy for more information, to get any advice on how to manage your own symptoms, and to combat hay fever. It’s quick and easy to find treatments for even the most common and smallest of issues.

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