Sheet of paper with goal review for the year on it

Looking Over Personal and Business Goals from 2019

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I’m not a huge fan of making New Year resolutions but creating achievable goals that I can work on throughout the year. I try and set myself goals to work towards each year, both personal and for my business. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to set goals in the first place, so I find chopping the year up into quarterly chunks helps massively. This means that my goals don’t seem too overwhelming!

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At the end of 2018 my goals were to increase my income from my blog and to increase my follower numbers across social media. A big goal was to become more organised with my blog schedule and consistent with my blog posting times as this helps to keep my readers engaged and interested in my content. I wanted to join Aby Moore’s Inner Circle to take my business to the next level too.

I have definitely achieved all of my goals but some to a lesser degree than others. I’m still struggling to get my follower count up and get my content on social media seen by more people but I’m posting 3 times a week now and keeping to the schedule. I’m also writing much more personal pieces of content and this is something I love doing. I’m also far fussier about the products I take on to review! I joined the Inner Circle and have become far more knowledgeable from the courses included and I even went to my first ever Blogger Conference in September which was amazing!

One of the main things I struggle with is how to adjust my goals each month if I’m not meeting my targets, so this is something I need to factor into my monthly schedule to keep me on track! (any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!).

Sheet of paper with goal review for the year on it

This year I have decided that my focus needs to be on my monthly views and follower count. These need to be improved massively so I don’t feel I’m just churning out content and no one sees it! My aim is to go on some social media courses so I can learn about what my followers want from my social media channels.

Another big goal for me is to increase my income which I did do last year but I want to continue this over the next year. In order to do this, I need to add researching freelance jobs, guest posting and sponsored post opportunities into my weekly tasks schedule.

In my personal life, I want to become better at saving money and to all go abroad next year on holiday. I have set financial goals each month for us to achieve this.

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An easy way to create and note down your goals is with a planner. I’m a digital and traditional pen and paper girl so I always map out my goals in a planner first and then add it all to something like Airtable so I can adjust them and change them easily. All in all, I’m confident I have the tools to achieve my goals by this time next year. It all comes down to how hard I want to achieve them and how hard I’m prepared to work for them!

Daily Goal Setter Planner

Have you created any personal and business goals for next year yet and have you achieved your goals from last year?

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