Create Stunning Landscapes Like A Pro with Artificial Boxwoods

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For the boutique resort you own, are you planning to revamp its landscape decor? Are you planning to do this to increase your clientele? If this is your case, then its best to look for a good landscape architect and hire them for their expert opinion as to how to create the desired effect and create stunning landscapes. But, if you plan to do the decor yourself, then it can be really challenging, as providing an all-new look to your luxurious property will compel you to use smart decor items which will be appealing to the visitors and also for the employees working in the resort.

For bringing in extra positivity and enthusiasm in the entire environment, blending in nature in the form of various decor items placed at the interior and exterior landscapes can be the right idea. Any type of big or small trees and plants, creepers, shrubs or topiaries will make for the best decor items. But, growing these plants and trees and taking care of them is definitely not an easy task and will incur involvement of extra manpower and money.

Stunning Landscapes

An effective alternative solution, like beautiful artificial plants outdoor, meant for indoors, will create the same aura as the live plants and will be perfect. These artificial botanical beauties, like the artificial boxwood topiaries, if placed at the entrance of a huge shopping mall or even placed at the lobby of a big private hospital in various shapes, can weave in the magic you want to create in the landscapes.

Stunning Landscapes

Why do you think the artificial botanical landscaping products are a perfect alternative to its real and live counterpart?

Any decor item which will have you invest less time in its upkeep, follow a strict maintenance regime and which will at the same time create an instant connection with everyone visiting, is always preferred by owners of the properties. The other reasons why the fake botanical products are preferred could be: –

  • The faux plants and trees can withstand any harsh weather conditions and always look healthy. On the other hand, the live ones cannot survive without suitable weather conditions which we don’t always get!
  • No shaping, cutting, pruning or trimming is required by artificial botanical beauties for keeping their appearance intact, while these regimes are needed to be followed for the healthy appearance of real plants and trees.
  • No requirement of water, sunlight and shade is required by replica’s of the original plants and trees. But, in the case of live ones, these requirements are absolutely
  • The fake trees or plants in boxwood variety or any other type will never attract insects or get any bacteria formation on its surface. The real ones will need you to invest in pesticides and fertilizers for their healthy being.
  • Once bought, the faux alternatives will retain their fresh appearance throughout, but the original plants or trees may die or decay at any point in
Stunning Landscapes

Where to look for and source these artificial botanical items for adorning your stunning landscapes?

If you are wondering how to make an artificial bonsai tree or any other form of faux trees and plants, let me tell you that it isn’t easy at all. The company which has been working on this goal for creating the most perfect looking fake botanical foliage’s and evolving everyday with their accurate craftsmanship is none other than Thermaleaf. Any custom trees, palms, topiaries, silk bonsai tree and any type of standing and hanging silk plants can be found in their collection.

The manufacturing team of the company consists of botanists, landscape architects, engineers and designers who are regarded as the best in the industry. The foliage’s they create look immaculately beautiful and real, any person looking at these faux beauties for a long time won’t even be able to differentiate from its real counterpart.

Stunning Landscapes

The characteristics of artificial boxwood available at Thermaleaf

Without a doubt, if you want to deck up the exterior landscape of any amusement park with boxwood topiaries, then you should always order from Thermaleaf.

  • Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated on the surface of these fake foliage’s, making them repel fire completely.
  • Due to Permaleaf technology implementation during the manufacturing process, the products remain untouched by any harsh weather conditions and harmful UV rays. This completely saves them from any fading of colour.
  • No toxic chemicals are used in their developed process. This makes these replica botanical items totally safe for any interior landscapes, especially inside restaurants.
  • Only a bit of dusting and washing their surface once in a while, makes these gorgeous fake beauties retain their beauty forever.
  • Extremely lightweight, these products can be handled by anyone during installation. Though on your request, the company even arranges for installation using their manpower.
Stunning Landscapes

Why are the breathtaking fake boxwood topiaries from Thermaleaf a must have on every leading landscape designers list?

A plush corporate office, a huge casino or even a seven-star hotel needs to be decorated by hiring leading landscape designers, for entertainment and popularity among customers. For adoring the landscapes of these properties, the designers completely rely blindfolded on the faux boxwood topiaries from the house of Thermaleaf, for their majestic appeal and most importantly for their realistic look. Like moss sheets wholesale, these boxwood topiaries are also sold by the company in one-piece variety and also in wholesale. One has to just visit their website and ask for the catalogue. Like any cedar bonsai trees, these topiaries can be great as decor item’s right beside any reception desk or even at the entrance gate. Want to introduce nature into any luxurious landscape and make it look stunning by installing artificial boxwood topiaries? Order from Thermaleaf now!

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