Selection of palm leaf tableware

Get Your BBQ on with FOOGO Green Eco-Friendly Tableware!

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We are well known to BBQ in pretty much any weather as here in the UK, you can never count on the sunshine! As soon as April comes around, the BBQ and smoker come out and we regularly cook our weekend meals out there under the canopy. Although we don’t tend to sit out to eat until well into the summer months as we aren’t that crazy!

Cover image for FOOGO Green

Over the last year or so we have started focusing on eco-friendly and reducing our use of plastic-based products which you can see in our previous reusables post. We have made the switch to reusable wipes, beauty wipes, bottles, period pads/pants and we are also currently trialling eco-friendly soaps, washing up liquids, kitchen towel and toilet rolls. Life can be toff has some more great ideas for sustainable swaps so make sure you check those out too! When a company called FOOGO Green got in touch to showcase their eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable tableware, I was really excited to give them a go!

FOOGO Green have a simple vision, to bring eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products to everyone. They offer a range of alternatives to plastic disposables as a lot of us are trying to make the change to use less plastic in our everyday lives. Their products degrade naturally meaning they don’t fill up land fill for thousands of years and don’t harm the environment.

Sample packs of FOOGO Green products
Selection of palm leaf tableware

The dinner plates, serving trays and bowls are all made from the fallen leaves of Areca palm trees and are commonly known as palm leaf. These trees are found in tropical regions such as Asia and East Africa. As the Areca palm trees naturally shed their leaves many times a year, the leaves are collected instead of the trees being chopped down, which we all know is harmful to not only the tree itself but also the environment. The leaves are trimmed and cleaned in fresh water and while still damp, compressed with heated plates and moulded into the desired shapes. No chemicals or artificial binders are used during the manufacturing process so you can be assured it’s all natural here!

What were we sent?

25 Large square palm plates

BBQ food on palm leaf plate

25 Small square palm plates

Chips and cheese on a plate

25 Medium round dessert bowls

Palm leaf bowl

10 Large rectangle palm serving trays

Pulled pork and cheese cobs

Pack of 50 wooden forks, 50 wooden knives, and 50 wooden spoons

100 Wheat drinking straws

10 Bamboo straws with cleaning brush

Eco-friendly drinking straw

What can you do with your eco-friendly tableware after use?

So, once you have finished your party, BBQ or whatever else you are using the plates, serving trays, and bowls for, what do you do with them? Well palm leaf is 100% compostable so you can literally pop the whole thing straight into your compost bin. They take 6-8 weeks to fully decompose and don’t require industrial composting or high temperatures. If like us, you don’t yet have a compost bin, you can pop them into your regular rubbish bin or food bin where they will decompose naturally in a landfill.

Each plate, tray and bowl are completely unique which makes the tableware even more amazing. No two leaves are the same, so no two palm leaf products are the same. Each has their own personality, and the kids were fascinated by the patterns and colours of their plates!

There are a range of different products available from FOOGO Green, and they all come in different quantities. Perfect for BBQ’s, parties and anywhere you would otherwise tend to use disposable tableware, you can buy in big party packs, bulk buy, or order sample packs to give them a go!

Table of bbq food

We were so impressed with the look and feel of the products. They are hardwearing, durable, and coped fine with the huge amounts of food we placed on them! The fact that the whole manufacturing process is natural and doesn’t need any chemicals is amazing! It’s about as sustainable and eco-friendly as you can get! We will be making the change to FOOGO Green eco-friendly tableware! It gets a huge thumbs-up from us! For some more eco-friendly and family-friendly swaps check out The Green Purpose!

Would you consider Eco-Friendly Tableware for your next event?

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