Creating Great School and Playground Outdoor Spaces

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Mia has now been at school for 5 years and loves it! Before school she attended a local Preschool 4 mornings a week so she was used to having some sort of routine in the day. Mia is much more of an outdoor child than an indoor one and loves nothing more than playing in the garden, going to the park with Daddy, and spending time exploring nature. I know she is most comfortable in the playground playing alongside her friends so the outdoor space needs to be somewhere she can learn, play and socialise happily and safely.

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The school playground is somewhere for children to play with friends and make new ones, catch up on the latest playground craze and learn new games so it’s an important space to make good use of. A great use of space both in the playground or even in your garden at home is with a cosy Hammock or Hanging Chair like the ones by Tropilex. They are not only practical and fun but also come in a wide range of colours and styles. A Hammock would be a fabulous addition to any garden or outdoor space!

Blue and white stripy hammock

When I was at school we just had plain tarmac and a bit of grass so we had to make our own fun and our own games up however the school Mia goes to have recently made some great additions to their playground; including a giant chess board and various familiar playground games such as hopscotch. These surfaces are really important as not only do they add colour and bring the playground to life but they also create a soft surface for the children to actually play on.

White chalked hopscotch and concrete

One of the most popular surface types for a school playground is wetpour rubber flooring. It is installed in a two layered system with a base layer of SBR shockpad and a wearing course of EPDM rubber. This two layered system creates ideal impact absorption where children will be running around, playing games and using outdoor equipment. It can also be created in practically any colour you could wish for! This kind of surface is also kinder on those little knees!

Playground Outdoor Spaces

One of the companies that create these soft surfaces is Soft Surfaces Ltd. Since 1997 they have been creating and installing specialist surfaces, safe play areas, sports facilities and playground outdoor spaces and have dealt with various projects in the sports and play industry. They offer a range of different products and services for nurseries, schools, sports clubs and other leisure facilities.

They can also create bespoke installations so can cater for whatever you need. If you are looking for some ideas for your school playground or local play area, you can head over to Soft Surfaces UK where you can find out all about the various surfaces they can create and take a look at previously installed surfaces. Where Mia is concerned, she is more than happy with a nice outdoor space and a safe place to play with all of her new friends!

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