Curious Fox Spring Books Review

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We have a love of books in this house! Ever since I was a little girl, I have devoured books as if they are going out of fashion and Mia seems to be no different! Since birth, Mia has shown a big interest in books so when we got the opportunity to have a look at a couple of Spring books, I was really interested!

Cover image for Spring Books

We were sent 2 lovely Spring books by Curious Fox each priced at £6.99. We have also reviewed the Curious Fox D.C Super Heroes Origami Book which was amazing! Each book is about an animal that gets into some kind of mischief, perfect for this spring! ‘Squirrel Me Timbers’ is a book by Louise Pigott. Released in April 2016 ‘Squirrel Me Timbers’ is about a squirrel who dreams of being a Pirate so when he comes across a map; he can’t help but follow it to find the treasure!

Squirrel Me Timbers

spring books

spring books

With fabulous, bold illustrations which carry the reader through the story, ‘Squirrel Me Timbers’ is brought to life by the rhyming verse used as you follow the squirrel’s adventures across the land in search of treasure! Before reading the story for the first time, I didn’t know it contained a rhyming verse and this sometimes stops the flow of reading the book aloud due to you having to concentrate on the actual rhyming and not the story. However this book, is fully readable from the off. In fact, I hadn’t properly realised I was reading rhyming verse until we were a few pages in!

Mia thought the squirrel himself was really funny and laughed along when the crocodile jumps out of the water with a big ‘SNAP’!  The story kept her attention completely throughout and will be a firm favourite at bed time from now on, I’m sure. ‘Squirrel Me Timbers’ is a funny, light-hearted story about a quest for adventure and is a really great spring read for little ones!

The next story we received was ‘Too Many Carrots’ by Katy Hudson (author of ‘Bear and Duck’). Released in February 2016 ‘Too Many Carrots’ is about a little Rabbit who loves carrots and collects them everywhere he goes. He soon has too many to fit inside his little burrow so he goes off to find somewhere else to sleep. Rabbit’s friends offer him some help but his carrots seem to cause all sorts of trouble for them. In the end, Rabbit realises that his friends need his help and it is much more fun to share things, including carrots, with your friends!

Too Many Carrots

spring books

spring books

‘Too Many Carrots’ is a lovely story about friendship, helping others and sharing your things. The story has great repetition and meant that Mia understood the storyline quite quickly and easily. The bright illustrations helped to keep Mia’s attention throughout and she really enjoyed it! A perfect springtime book!


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