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We love books and I know most of our reviews at the moment revolve around them as I love reading new books to Mia each evening and seeing her face when she listens to them! This week we have been working with Curious Fox books again and we were lucky enough to be sent a brand new book Dalmatian in a DIGGER.

This book has arrived at a great time for us as we have recently been on a visit to Diggerland, Mia absolutely loves diggers, dump trucks, cars, bin lorries, any kind of vehicle so when I saw that this book was about a digger, I knew Mia would be interested! Dalmatian in a DIGGER is written and illustrated by Rebecca Elliott who has more than 20 books and over 200 illustrations to her name. Her latest book is all about noise and energy created by various machines that when they work together, create something very exciting……dogs very own super amazing treehouse!


Dalmatian in a DIGGER has various characters; a dalmatian, a camel, a duck, and a bear. The characters all drive different machines; a digger, a crane, a dump truck, and a bulldozer. The story is based around the sounds that the machines make and the fact that dog discovers what’s making the sounds and then what they are all working towards building. Throughout the story you can also spot Little Mouse, Dalmatians best friend and sidekick, which is lovely to do once you have read through the book the first time and Mia now looks for him every time as well as guesses the machine noises.




Aimed at 4-7 year olds (but could also suit younger children), the rhyming verse and consistent sounds create a lovely rhythmical story that interested Mia right from the start! She repeated the sounds ‘Dugger Dugger Digger’ after me and found the different animals operating the machines really funny! It’s definitely a laugh-out-loud story and the illustrations are lovely throughout. Priced at £9.95 Dalmatian in a DIGGER is a great story book for all children and will grab their attention from the first page!



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