The Great Ape Escape Book

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Mia’s collection of books is ever-growing and we absolutely love reading to her. When I was approached to review a new book, I of course said yes! The Great Ape Escape book published by Ragged Bears is a new book written by Fiona Manlove, a children and young adult’s writer and illustrated by Pascal Biet.

The Great Ape Escape is a warm, witty story about a bunch of monkeys who come up with a cunning plan to break out of their safari park, building a car out of bits and pieces they can get hold of. Each of the characters; Dig, Twig, Peanut, Rose, Sam, Moss, and ringleader Banana Bill has their own unique personality and as the monkey mayhem progresses through the story, they really come to life!


The main storyline is all about monkeys who decide one day that they are going to build something out of all of the car parts they have collected from the safari tours. They work together to create a car, much to the amusement of the on looking lions, camels, elephants, and ostrich. At last it’s ready and they all jump in and set off to explore the world! The group all end up on a beach at the end, enjoying their ice cream on their holidays!


The Great Ape Escape book is such a fun story to read. Mia loved the chaos of it and she loved reading about all of the characters. She especially liked the part with Camilla Camel in as she said she was really funny! Mia also thought it was funny that the monkeys are dressed up and go on holiday at the end! I’m not sure she understood the story the first time we read through it however the more we read it (and she picks it a lot at bedtime!) the more she gets from it and the illustrations are so colourful and detailed that you spot new things every time you read it! It can be quite hard to keep track of all of the characters at first and Mia kept asking which one was which but they are easily worked out. Overall a great bedtime read and at £6.99 well worth buying for your little ones!



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