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Does it Require a Professional to Monitor a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

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Article contributed by Austin K.

Remaining unwanted hair has become almost an essential part of today’s culture in most places. A lot of people still choose the traditional method of shaving. Some choose slightly advanced forms of hair removal like waxing or the use of depilatory creams. There are options where a skilled beautician can remove hair through processes like threading or plucking as well. The problem with most of these methods is that they do not provide a long-term solution. This is one of the major reasons why people are looking to use more advanced techniques like laser hair removal.

Why is laser better?

Instead of cutting or ripping out the hair, laser damages the hair by focusing a monochromatic light on it. The damaged hair falls out in a few days or weeks. It doesn’t grow back most of the time. If it does grow back, the growth is seen to be much slower and the new hair is a lot thinner and barely visible. Thus, laser hair removal gives the user a long-term relief. The process has to be repeated a few times since hair at various stages of the growth cycle have to be targeted. Devices that are used in laser hair removal are advanced instruments that need a reasonable amount of expertise and experience to operate.

Women showing her tattoos and underarms

Why does there need to be an expert to monitor laser hair removal?

Even before getting a treatment based on laser a potential user should consult with a doctor. There are some medications that will affect the way a person’s skin will react to laser. Also, the doctor would advise a user to shave a few days before laser if the hair in the area to be treated is thick or long. In most of the professional places that provide laser hair removal London and other modern cities this is the norm. The actual hair removal process may be done either by a doctor or another expert who is well versed in the process and is certified. If the process is being performed on the face, there will be safety goggles put on to prevent any accidental damage to the eyes. In most cases, safety goggles are used even if the process is being performed on some other part of the body. So, it’s advisable to deal with an expert while going for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has been around for a few decades. The technology has developed quite a bit over time. The limitations during the earlier times have been overcome. The procedure is considered safe and is almost pain free when compared to methods that require hair to be pulled out. It has to be emphasised that the process is safe only in the hands of a professional who knows what they are doing. Consultations with a doctor is also a vital part of the process to rule out potential risks. As laser hair removal starts becoming more and more common, more clinics are bound to pop up. When there is an intense competition some clinics may slash prices and compromise on the quality of people in charge of providing the treatment. This is something that the users will need to be wary about.

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