Family Travel to Liverpool: Everything you Need to Know

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Are you planning an adventurous road trip to Liverpool with your dear ones? Famous for its bright culture, history, and attractions, this city makes a perfect travel destination for your next family journey. Liverpool’s picturesque skylines, thriving music scene, and unique historical places will make your vacation there a lifetime journey.

Perhaps you know that Liverpool was home to such a famous music band as The Beatles. Indeed, there is a fascinating interactive museum in the heart of the city where you can see the rare exhibits revealing the band’s story. However, you might wonder about what other sites you and your family should see in the city. Thus, get ready to add a few unique sites to your travel list in Liverpool with the information below.

Family Travel to Liverpool

What to See with Your Family Once in Liverpool?

Before you head for your travel, make sure to look up the fascinating history of this unique city of Liverpool. What do you know about it? It was a key trade port between the 18th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. Also, it is the hometown of the well-known music band The Beatles. So, what shall you and your family see and where to go once in Liverpool? Here are some of the major attractions to check there:

  • To begin with, make sure to take the North Wales Adventure Sightseeing day trip from Liverpool. You will follow hidden roads through Snowdonia, walk Llandudno’s pier, and visit Conwy Castle. Moreover, you will get a chance to discover this beautiful corner of Britain with an English-speaking guide. The trip’s duration is nine hours. The attraction’s price is $76.43 per adult. Try this exciting full-day adventure for the benefit of comfortable electric family cars.
  • Next, try The Beatles Story Experience Ticket once in Liverpool. During this 2-3 hour long tour, you will get an opportunity to learn about the Beatles’ rise to musical success, see rare photographs, and discover a variety of unique interactive exhibits. The audio guide is available in several languages including Portuguese, German, French, Russian,  Italian, Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese. The entry ticket costs $24.61 for adults. The attraction’s address is Britannia Vaults, Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD, United Kingdom. The easiest way to get there is to hire a car in Liverpool and enjoy a flexible and affordable ride to your destination. For more details, call +44 151 709 1963.
  • Another memorable experience to get once in Liverpool with your family is the Royal Liver Building 360. This destination presents an exciting tower tour in the heart of the city. You will see Liverpool’s Royal Liver with its incredible 360-degree view and its rich history that dates back to the early twentieth century. The tour’s price is $20.73 per adult. Keep in mind that the minimum age to enter the tour is five years old. The site’s address is Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1HU, United Kingdom. For more information, call +44 151 236 4753.–iPuEST6f9Y

Easy and Comfortable Family Car Rental in Liverpool

Once you have created your travel list for the upcoming journey to Liverpool, it is time to find the right transportation. The most convenient option is to rent a sizeable automobile that would meet all the travel needs of your dear ones. Renting large family cars — compared to using public transport — provides you with complete flexibility during your road trip.

Indeed, with a rental car, you are free to choose your route, adjust the duration of your journey, and stop whenever and wherever you need. Moreover, you can pick the perfect car from a large diversity of available rental automobiles. A 9 seater minibus hire in Liverpool presents excellent transportation for your family in style and comfort.

Best Minibuses for Your Family Road Trip

Before you go to Liverpool, make sure you rent the right car for your group trip and compare car hire prices in Liverpool. Here is a selection of the best affordable family cars available for you in Liverpool:

  • First, take a look at the Mercedes Vito Traveliner. This model has nine seats and four baggage compartments. The unlimited mileage and the possibility of a free additional driver are available with this deal, too. The car costs $56.19 per day before taxes.
  • Another convenient rental automobile for your family travel is the Ford Transit Passenger van. It offers nine seats and four baggage compartments. This deal also includes unlimited mileage. The car’s rental price is $70.62 per day before taxes.
  • Next, consider the Volkswagen Transporter. This is currently one of the best family cars in the UK. The automobile offers four baggage compartments and makes a perfect option for driving on all types of roads. Its rental cost is $78.18 per day before taxes.
  • Also, check the Mercedes Vito. This car hire provides a trustworthy nine-seater and supplies four baggage compartments. Rent it and enjoy the unlimited mileage and a large car that offers enough room for everyone in your family. Its price is $78.18 per day before taxes.
  • Finally, take a closer look at the Ford Tourneo for rent in Liverpool. This 9-seat people carrier features four baggage spaces and unlimited mileage. The daily cost of renting this car is $66.14 before taxes.
Family Travel to Liverpool

What to Expect from Your Family Car Hire in Liverpool?

Once you hire a minibus for a trip to Liverpool, you and your family get a variety of benefits. First, the vast majority of rental cars on the above-mentioned website offer unlimited mileage. Therefore, you do not have to worry about choosing the shortest route.

Second, once you drive a minivan, you will be surprised at how much space this automobile offers to all of your passengers and their baggage. Typically, the 9-seater minibuses features four baggage compartments. It allows you to carry as many suitcases and other items as you need without worrying about running out of space.

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