How To Eat Healthily Whilst At Work

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We all know it’s easier to eat healthily at home with a cupboard and fridge full of snacks to choose from and time to spend deciding what to have but what happens when you’re out and about, or even, at work? We can sometimes be super organised and get everything packed up the night before in a nice lunchbox ready for the next day but more often than not, this enthusiasm wavers after a few days and without meaning to, is given up on completely. Things get in the way, time gets away from us and we quickly and easily fall back into the bad ways of before.

Once at work, we end up grabbing what we can from the nearest shop, giving into tempting snacks that are more likely to be bad for us or even being too busy to eat anything at all, which is just as bad! Then the pack of biscuits comes out from the drawer, or someone brings in some lovingly homemade cakes and the old eating habits re-emerge! It becomes too easy to sit there munching away without realising we have eaten through most of a box of choccies and that’s no good!

The difficulty in either maintaining or losing weight is that it needs to be planned and we don’t always have the time for that! The great people at GoToMeeting, a software providing company, have come up with 15 great ways to eat healthily even when out and about or at work and the reasons why they are better for us.

Eat Healthily
The infographic can be found at GoToMeeting where you can also find out more information about eating healthy snacks whilst at work.

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