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We love a good book in this house and luckily for us, Mia has taken on our love of books and has a really healthy collection of them now. She loves facts and is always asking us how things work, why things work and what things are (which can drive us mad after a while!) however she is like a sponge and astonishes us daily by remembering the most detailed of things! We were asked if we would like to look at a brand new facts book.

Facts! One for every day of the year’ is a book full of interesting and quirky facts with a twist. The unique feature of this book is that it contains facts for every single day of the year meaning that you can dip in and out of the book and enjoy what it has to offer each day. Written by Tracey Turner who has previously written over 30 books for children, including being the editor of the well-known Horrible Histories series (my favourites as a young person!) and illustrated by Fatti Burke who has been illustrating a variety of books since 2012, ‘Facts! One for every day of the year’ is definitely one for the inquisitive child!


With this interesting fact book, you and your child can explore a world of topics from hilarious animals to unbelievable-but-true science facts about space and human achievements. This beautiful hard backed book even includes seasonal and ‘on this day’ facts for added curiosity and fun, circled clearly in red on the page.


You can discover together a different fact for every single day of the year with enough facts to keep even the most curious reader entertained! The book itself is a beautiful picture book with every single page brightly coloured with lovely pictures for younger children to enjoy whilst you read along with them.

Aimed at 4 – 8 year olds, and priced at £12.99, this book is perfect for giving as a gift for birthdays or as Christmas present. It would also make a great back to school gift with its educational as well as fun elements. Mia has really enjoyed flicking through this book and looking at all of the bright pictures and although we haven’t made much of a start in reading a daily fact, we are looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s fun fact brings us!


  • Hayley

    In principle I love this book – it was bought for my inquisitive 5 year old and is right up his street. However, some of the “facts” are a bit hard to explain to a young child. Such as: “Baron Samedi has the job of leading the dead to the underworld in the Haitian voodoo religion”. You may need to skip a few!

    • mummydaddymia

      Yes I agree as Mia is only 4. I’m looking forward to reading through it with her but I might have to ‘google’ some bits myself first! 🙂

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