Lottie eating a yoghurt with a stainless steel spoon

Personalised Cutlery and Dummies with byhappyme

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Personalised products are my favourite gifts to give. Not only do they feel more special and unique, but they show the recipient that you really care and have put thought into their gift. We love personalised gifts and we have featured many in our time writing this blog. We were approached by byhappyme with their personalised cutlery and dummies and I fell in love with them!

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Byhappyme create personalised gifts and items perfect for babies and young children. They have lots of gift ideas, but we loved the personalised cutlery sets and the personalised dummy sets!

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The personalised cutlery sets come with either teddy bears or assorted animals on. We chose the teddy bear set as the image is really cute! You can have any name engraved onto the stainless-steel knife, fork and 2 spoons set and even choose the font used! We obviously chose Lottie to be engraved onto ours.

Personalised stainless steel cutlery handles

Each piece of cutlery is high quality and really resistant. They are made for small hands and the curved design of the handles make them easy to hold and grip. I was a bit worried about giving the set to Lottie to use instead of to keep in her ‘special’ box, but she managed to use them really well and now uses them most days! The cutlery can also be popped straight into the dishwasher for easy cleaning!

Personalised cutlery set on a heart slate
Lottie eating a yoghurt with a stainless steel spoon

I was a bit sceptical of the personalised dummies at first as I was worried, they would feel really cheap. However, you can choose the make of dummy you want from a wide range on the site, so we were able to pick the Philips Avent ultra air ones that Lottie has already (we have tried other brands, but she just won’t take them!!).

All of the dummies are 100% BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free. We chose the Philips Avent ultra air’s (our usual brand) as they are designed for sensitive skin and Lottie was really fussy with dummies! The dummies can be personalised with your child’s name, font used, and colour of the overall dummy which has a wide range of benefits. Again, we chose Lottie as Mia didn’t have dummy’s at that stage.

Personalised orange and pink dummies

Each dummy is engraved by UV laser which makes them durable and hard to wear off so great for lots of washing! Whether your child is in nursery or at home with you, personalised dummies can take the stress out of ‘lost’ dummies. You can make sure your child has the correct dummy for hygiene reasons and they are well noticeable at busy times! The dummy comes with a matte finish which is lovely and soft instead of the normal plasticky feel.

Lottie with her personalised dummy, holding a muslin cloth

The cutlery set (£24.50) and dummies (£16.50) come in gift boxes and are packaged in a really pretty way so can be given as a gift or kept for yourself! They make the perfect birthday or christening gift and we were really impressed with the quality of both items. We love the personalisation features from byhappyme and if you have more than 1 young child, I can definitely see how personalised dummies would make life a lot easier!

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